Sexting gets so much bad press these days when it comes to teens sharing naughty pictures of themselves and their friends. It's not just teens that are doing it though. The majority of the kink community uses mobile devices to carry on their kinky lives unbeknown-st to those around them at the office, on the bus or in the corner cafe. Mobile kink play is a very fun tool whether you are a long distance relationship or just out on errands away from home.

Everyone I've talked to says they enjoy a bit of naughty texting here and there. Others like to employ the camera phone for proof that a kinky deed was carried out or for some semi-private exhibitionism. It can be employed as a training tool or a way to stir desires in anticipation for the return to each other.

What Can You Do?

Texting is more than a conversation when in the hands of a kinky person. It becomes a playful banter, erotic hot talk or even commands and suggestions. When given the chance to make your partner's mind and nether regions twitch it's hard to overlook the power of words. So what can you do with texting?

  1. Describe what you are or are not wearing

  2. Share a fantasy or dream you had recently

  3. Cybersex

  4. Prepare your partner for what you are going to do when you see them next

  5. Tell a story together -- you write a line, then they write a line, etc over your texts until you're both hot and heavy

If you have a camera on your phone then you can get into even more fun.

  1. Follow given orders with a picture as proof of follow through.

  2. Play a nudie game - pick random items and have the person take a picture flashing a part of themselves with the random item in the shot.

  3. Send naughty pictures to each other.

You are only limited by your creative juices. There is no reason we can't use all of the electronics available to use to turn us on!

Now how can all these things work in a training relationship? Especially in long distance, it's a part of proving submission to send a picture showing what the submissive had been told to do.

At the very least it's another very good tool to continue communication when you do not face to face or can't be near each other. There are a few things you should be careful about when you engage in sexting with your partner.

Delete the posts and pics immediately!

You never know where your phone will end up and who will browse your history. You don't need to out yourself or embarrass your partner.

Do not send pictures

. Yeah, I know I just said above to go ahead and send them, but be careful. If you aren't sure what the recipient will do with them make sure your face isn't in the shot.

Don't double sext.

Sending several pictures or sexts in a row without a response? You are officially engaging in solo sext. Wait till you have a willing partner bounce the sext back into your court.

Go out and have fun, but remember to play it safe. Sext only with those you trust. The kink community has embraced all technology and so should you.

What do you think about sexting and mobile kink? Do you share naughty texts with your partner?