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Living off of ramen noodles and waiting tables to (barely) afford rent was the norm for my college experience. Although if you had told me at the time that I could make double what I was earning in a fraction of the time, I would not have believed you. And no, I am not talking about working a street corner. I am referring to something that many kinksters have discovered as a safe, fun, and very flexible way to make money.

Sexting. That's right; you read correctly.

You can make a fortune doing something you enjoy! Have you ever received a flirty text from your master and it quickly got out of hand? (Excuse the pun).  Now, imagine making money doing the very same thing.  Sounds exciting doesn't it?  Pleasing your master (and others) and being paid to do it like the naughty sub you know you are?  Just thinking about that makes me smile and sends chills down my back.

Sexting has exploded over the past ten years, and the numbers are only rising. In the ever increasing technological era we live in, it is ridiculously easy to join in on this exciting and convenient job. If you own a computer or a smartphone, then you already have everything you need to begin making a substantial income.

Depending on how many hours you log, you can easily earn over $500/week working part time as a sub.

Although we do not recommend bragging about these perks to your grandmother at a family reunion, there are tons of reasons why phone sex can be a reliable source of income.

First, your identity remains safe, so there are no fears of your clients showing up at your doorstep ready for some personal hip action. Of course, picking a trustworthy company like is crucial in this step. Second, this job offers you a chance to explore your fetishes on a whole new level.  A definite perk on the relationship side.

If you are concerned that you might need a little help getting comfortable with dirty talk, there is plenty of support out there from sub "trainers" who are dying to show you how.

The best part about getting paid to sext is the flexibility it offers. Instead of being stuck working at a nine to five job with limited time off, you work when you can work from anywhere that has an Internet or wifi connection.

Sexting is the perfect job for anyone who is outgoing, looking to explore their sexuality and seeking a safe way to make a steady income. Forget Snapchat; it is 2016, and sexting officially became the trendy way to make some money and have fun!