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Use the email addresses below to contact lunaKM. This is the best way to contact me. Please put ‘Submissive Guide’ somewhere in the subject so that my spam filters don’t toss it.

I love getting email from people so don’t be timid about asking me a question or letting me know what you think. Please know that I receive over 100 pieces of email in each account per day and do not have time to answer every single email that I receive but I do read them. If you are looking for advice on a personal situation I suggest you head on over the Submissive Guide FetLife group and ask your advice there. Fake accounts are allowed and if you want to remain anonymous, I can post your question for you.

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I use the following sites to connect and get to know people also. You are welcome to contact me through these as well, however I check some more frequently than others. If your message is urgent, please use email.


The following email addresses are checked everyday:

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