I bought this book on a recommendation from a member of Fetlife who commented on a post I created asking about different types of service. I can honestly say that purchasing this book is one of those things I can call one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. While the book isn’t very long, it is still full of amazing information and I do highly recommend it to any service-oriented s-type.

Real Service is written by Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny, a Master/slave couple who have taught and presented at workshops for years to the BDSM and several other communities and have co-authored several books together. While this is the first book by the two that I have read, the passion that these two have for the lifestyle is clearly visible through the pages of this book.

Real Service wasn’t written for just the s-types who give the service, but also for the D-types who are new and want to learn about service and how to get better service from their s-type, but don’t know how to go about doing so. In the last paragraph of the introduction, and I do love this paragraph, “ This book was written for M-types who would like to develop a multi-skilled tool to help them live more effectively, and s-types who love to serve and know that there’s so much more they could do, or at least would like to learn better service to please their M-type, regardless of whether it’s their thing.”. I’m not gonna lie, I really do love the idea of being a multi-skilled tool used to make Daddy’s life easier.

Like I said earlier, a lot of things are covered in this book, including Joshua’s rules of service(and my favorite one being “If the master doesn’t want it, it isn’t service”, which let me tell you, has really made me re-think what I call service and if it really is), different types of service, a few chapters for the D-types, as well as a list of different skillsets, and several other different service related topics as well. I found myself doing A LOT of highlighting as I read because of wanting to re-read at a later time and as well as wanting to use them as journal prompts for my slave journal as there are several thought-provoking points throughout the entire book.

Before giving my ratings and purchasing information, I want to share another quote from the book that really spoke to me and I think is a good thing for all of us service based s-types to remember because I’m sure at some point in time, we’ve all experienced these feelings before:

  “The servant is obligated to do things the master’s way, and if they’re a good servant, they should work on not acting too resentful while they’re doing it. A good thought process to focus on during those trying times might be, “I’m serving this person because I believe they’re worthy of it. …”

You can buy Real Service on Amazon as well as Alfred Press in both paperback and ebook form.

Tequila R’s Rating: 10/10 Paperback: 126 pages Publisher: Alfred Press Language: English ISBN-10: 0982879431 ISBN-13: 978-0982879436