This post is another guest post by Skylerpet. You can read her other posts here. She wants to help us all get through the holidays with less stress. Here are some tips to help you. If you have other tips for holiday stress, please leave them in the comments!

With the holiday season in full swing, things can get pretty hectic.  It seems like there’s always more things to do, a list left unfinished.  So I thought I’d share a few tips that I’ve learned over the years to make things go a little smoother.  As submissives, it’s important for us to be able to get through these things with as few mishaps as possible, so that we may serve our Master’s better and ensure their holidays are most enjoyable.

Around the house:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask if guests will be bringing children.  If they are, make sure your home is child safe.  Put breakables up and out of the way, have plastic safety plugs in the electrical outlets, things of that nature.
  • Have a place set aside for guests coats, such as a bedroom and a mat for shoes, if the weather will be inclement, to keep your floor clean.  Don’t be afraid to put up a “please remove your shoes” sign for those who like to wear shoes inside.
  • It’s perfectly okay to use paper plates, especially if they’re biodegradable.
  • Make sure to have an extra roll of bathroom tissue and plenty of hand soap available in your bathroom.  Also, having an extra hand towel is not a bad idea. (Not your best ones either! They will be used a lot.)
  • If you have your computer on, make sure it’s password protected so nosy relatives or curious children don’t find things they don’t need to.
  • Make sure to use surge protectors when plugging in your Christmas tree lights.  Safety first!

In the kitchen:

  • Buy your meat in bulk and separate it into 1 lb sections.  Freeze in freezer bags.
  • Do a major clean out of your fridge and cupboards a week or two ahead of time, so there’s room for leftovers.
  • Make sure you know about any allergies and other dietary restrictions of your guests.
  • Use whole wheat flour for baking.  It’s healthier, tastes better and bakes better.
  • Make sure to accept offers for guests to bring dishes.
  • Using generic brands is an okay thing.  It saves money and most of them taste the same as name brands.
  • Frozen veggies and fruits are an excellent alternative to the fresh varieties.  They last longer, are cheaper and taste just the same.


  • Cut up and hemmed flannel shirts make excellent washable napkins.
  • Use masking tape to put dates on leftovers you plan on freezing.  It’s easy to remove so you won’t have to cross it out on the Tupperware.
  • Ground turkey is a lighter and usually cheaper alternative to ground beef.  The taste difference is not noticeable.
  • Use different colored disposable cups for alcoholic versus non-alcoholic drinks.

Make sure to do something special for your Master! Something like a food dish that has special meaning to just you and Him could be subtle but still, have meaning.

In the end, the holidays are about family.  And they’re going to understand that things can’t be perfect.  So if you have to put a pile of magazines behind the chair in the living room or use paper plates or if you don’t dust the top of the book cases, a family is family and they will understand.

Skylerpet is a 24/7 submissive pup in her late 20’s. She has been into pet play since she discovered the D/s lifestyle and can be reached at:

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