I'm continuing the discussion on processing pain in play today. If you missed yesterday's post, you'll want to read about Negative Pain Management Techniques first. If you want to go back to the beginning you can do that too.

Now that we've learned the negative ways we manage pain during play I'd like to cover a couple of the ways that help us experience pain as something good for us and our partners. After all, if you engage in pain play you are wanting the pain, right? As for bottoms in a scene, the benefit for experiencing pain is usually direct since we are the ones receiving pain. Don't forget though that part of your receiving is also an exchange for the top. They want to watch you process that pain in open and positive ways so that they can get energy from it. I guess you could call a good sadist as an energy vampire along those lines.


My personal favorite way to manage pain is through dispersion. When a bottom disperses pain it filters throughout the body, radiating away from the point of pain. It still hurts but is less intense. This method allows the bottom to play longer and get more benefit from the pain by making it tolerable. Visualizing heat or colors is a common way to disperse pain.

It's also great for the sadist because the reactions are still there and responses from pain still cue them into the experience.

In a future post, I will be talking about ways to disperse pain as well as releasing it. It's a great combo that every bottom should have in their arsenal if pain play is on the menu.


Releasing pain is typically the final result of any pain you experience. At some point, you are going to have to let the pain go from the body. How you do this varies per individual and I'll be talking about how to do that in a future post.  Most people get the greatest benefit from releasing the pain. It works with emotional pain and stress as well. The release has a cleansing effect. Vocalizations and vigorous movements are all a part of releasing the pain.

What's good about releasing pain is it's also the best experience for sadists. They can experience your pain the best and allows both of you to play longer and harder and get more out of play.

What are The Best Ways to Manage Pain?

The best way, the ultimate best way is to accept the pain, disperse it and then release it. Acceptance is a natural process that we've had at birth. Then we use the two positive methods to help us enhance our pain management to the best possible way.

Putting it all together, you can experience the pain, make it less intense and you get the most benefit from the pain. You don't get the immediate or long term build up of stress that some negative pain management techniques can do. This combination works well to release emotional pain and stress that you may be experiencing. In a scene where you accept, disperse and release the pain a sadist gets the most benefit and the bottom is rewarded as well.

Get ready to learn what the benefits of pain are, learning a pain management technique to make everything beneficial and encourages enhanced playtime!

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