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8 responses to “Processing Pain in Play: What is the Natural Process?”

  1. bonimiss

    I am so glad you are including this series .. lately I have found I am experiencing pain differently and interestingly enough, I was having problems with my submission. Months ago it was much more enjoyable. I think I was having trouble accepting the pain because I was having the corresponding trouble within our relationship. Our relationship has grown lately and I am excited to see how I respond to the next whipping, lol. I am not sure what type of pain processing I typically am .. but based on the words I just used, I would say acceptance.

  2. kinkybelle

    Great post. Can’t wait for the series to continue.

  3. lovablebitch

    Very insightful post,has given me much food for thought.Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. :)

  4. witchwolfe

    i am definitely a rejection type. Have only done this a couple of times. Thought i was doing well. Oops.

  5. dark_allison

    I am a devouring submissive. It might be because I am also a vampyre and can make energy out of anything. I’m not really sure how one becomes a devouring submissive unless they have either a:training or b:the natural talent to transmute energy. Tantrics, sex mages and energy workers can all learn to move pain into their lower chakras and absorb and ride the waves like a surfboard on a long ,hot Pacific Coast night. The easiest way to do that is just to slow down your breathing and slowly inhale at the start of the pain (ie strike of the whip.slap or insertion of a needle) and to breathe out after and then feel the pain build. Breathing is such an individual thing so I implore people to play with it. A book that I have found really helpful for learning how to incorporate energy play into BDSM is Urban Tantra by Barbara Carellas..Becoming a devouring submissive takes a little work but it is worth the effort and the patience.

  6. lulu

    i am also a “devouring bottom” – did you make this term up? i can’t seem to find anything else on the web about it. i laugh my ass off when i’m in pain. i’m curious – you say: “Aftercare for a devouring bottom is different than bottoms that use the other times of processing.” –

    how so? since i’ve begun playing (last year), i’ve noticed that doms are surprised (and mostly delighted) by the way i process pain. but so little seems to be written about it. please, more!

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