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Book Review: BDSM Mastery-Relationships by Robert Rubel and M. Jen Fairfield

Book Review: BDSM Mastery-Relationships by Robert Rubel and M. Jen Fairfield

I have wanted to read something by Dr. Robert Rubel for some time now. I have heard from various sources around the internet, especially after hearing his interview on Dan and dawn’s Erotic Awakening podcast and then reading lunaKM’s book review of BDSM Mastery-Your Guide to Play, Parties, and Scene Protocols. So, I picked up [...]

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Simply Service e-Zine: January 2005

Simply Service e-Zine: January 2005

One of the hidden jewels on this site is an e-Zine that ran on Yahoo Groups back when I first started exploring submission. It has since stopped production but the articles it contained are still valuable and worth a read so I thought I ‘d bring them back to the forefront. They’ve been archived here [...]

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Ask Submissive Guide: Narcissistic Dominants

Ask Submissive Guide: Narcissistic Dominants

Thank you Mrs. Darling for tackling this question!   Dear Submissive Guide, Are most dominant men narcissistic  as well?   As  a wife and submissive to a Dominant sadist (one who is very *ahem* demanding) this question certainly made me titter when I first read it. The more I turned it over in my mind [...]

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Alcohol and Kink Don’t Mix

Alcohol and Kink Don’t Mix

Okay, so here I go again stepping into what may be a heated topic for many people, but I’m going to say it anyway. Kink and alcohol (or drug use) don’t mix. Now, let me clarify what I mean. If you drink or smoke pot or do something else, more power to you. Me? I [...]

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Your Label – Submissive Meditation Monday

Your Label – Submissive Meditation Monday

I’m devoting this Monday to meditation, reflection and devotion to submission. I hope to select topics that will get you thinking differently about some part of your life or submission and then just maybe grow a little bit further. If you have ideas for topics that might work for a Meditation Monday, please email me. I want you [...]

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lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

Hi folks, This week I decided to really knuckle down and organize, I think after last week’s inspiration of bullet journaling I’m going to try to implement more organization and productivity with Subguide work I do as well. Right now it feels all mish-mash and disorganized. How do you stay organized? What are your tips [...]

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[Video Post] Ask lunaKM – A Non-Romantic BDSM Relationship, Is It Wise?

Judi is a Patron Member and as a perk of her support, she was able to ask me a question to be answered in a video post. You can get your question answered too! Join Patreon and support Submissive Guide. As a new sub, I have a lot to learn, and I am just starting [...]

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[Video Post] Improving Your Submission – Setting Goals and Making a Plan

Welcome back to another video post! In the last episode we talked about how to identify what improving your submission needs – a focus. In that video I asked you to make a list of things you feel (or your Dom feels) that need improvement to make your submission better and more fulfilling. If you [...]

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[Video Post] Improving Your Submission: Identify Your Focus

Every submissive everywhere has asked this question at one time or another, whether that be to themselves, to their partner or to a mentor like myself. How do I improve my submission? The challenge with answering this question is that it’s such a broad, generic question. It’s almost impossible for any non-invested person to answer. [...]

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BDSM Basics – What Your First Date Might Look Like

Welcome back to the next part in the BDSM Basics series. In earlier episodes we figured out if we were kinky, what role we are, how to stay safe and how to find a partner. In this article we’ll talk about what your first date might look like. I’ll cover two different situations for a [...]

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BDSM Basics – How Do I Find Someone to Play With?

It’s the burning question on our lips now isn’t it? Through the earlier posts we’ve learned whether you are kinky, what role or roles we might enjoy and how to stay safe when exploring kink. So it makes sense that you now want to know how to find someone to experiment with and maybe have [...]

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Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Enough to Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation by Princess Kali

In May of this year I was fortunate enough to attend a BDSM convention that Princess Kali was presenting her Erotic Humiliation class. During her class she mentioned that she was writing a book about the topic and that it would be out soon. As she presented her class I became more and more excited [...]

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Book Review: Slave-ography by Slave Patrick

Awhile ago, I did a book review on Michael Makai’s The Warrior Princess Submissive and had a couple of male s-types and I replied to one of their comments saying something along the lines how I wish there was a book similar to The Warrior Princess Submissive for the male s-types. There are tons of [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Toys and Tools for Beginning Dominants

When it comes time to shop for your Dominant partner and you have toys on the brain, what should you get? Are there things out there that are better than the rest and will not only please him, but give you a bit of fun in the end? Here’s my list of 15 toys, tools [...]

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Book Review: Transforming Your Relationship: A Comprehensive Look into the Domestic Discipline Lifestyle by Clint and Chelsea

Transforming Your Relationship is by Clint and Chelsea, the couple who runs the blog Learning Domestic Discipline. They introduced the domestic discipline(DD) dynamic into their relationship back in 2008 and because there are so few resources out there for the dynamic, they began their blog in 2011 to help others who are interested in the DD dynamic. [...]

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Book Review-Opening Up: A Guide To Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships by Tristan Taormino

I’m currently in a poly relationship and have been in several poly relationships in the past. Despite the numerous poly relationships I have been in, Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up is the first non fiction book that I have read about polyamorous relationships. This book has been on my reading list for quite some time and [...]

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