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Taking a Break – Submissive Meditation Monday

Taking a Break – Submissive Meditation Monday

I’m devoting this Monday to meditation, reflection and devotion to submission. I hope to select topics that will get you thinking differently about some part of your life or submission and then just maybe grow a little bit further. If you have ideas for topics that might work for a Meditation Monday, please email me. Recently I’ve encountered a few questions [...]

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Ask Submissive Guide: Fisting Fail and Sexual Injury

Ask Submissive Guide: Fisting Fail and Sexual Injury

Dear Submissive Guide, I have recently entered into a D/s relationship with a man that I’ve had an on/off sexual relationship with for 10 years. I would describe or sexual encounters up to now as vanilla, but intense and occasionally mildly aggressive. But we both have an interest in D/s, he has experience, I don’t. [...]

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Our Ceremony of Roses, Vow Renewal, and Re-collaring

Our Ceremony of Roses, Vow Renewal, and Re-collaring

A couple years ago, the MR and I decided to renew our wedding vows. We had been through a rocky start to our marriage and had transformed since originally marrying from a vanilla, egalitarian relationship to a kinky, Dominant and submissive one, and finally we had arrived at Master and slave. We felt at home [...]

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Meeting Someone Face to Face Is an Important Early Step in Online Dating

Meeting Someone Face to Face Is an Important Early Step in Online Dating

from the Submissive Guide Newsletter 05-14-16 We spend a lot of time in front of a screen these days. We chat, we shop, we explore and we date, all from the comfort of our homes. But, it is my opinion, that dating is something that really should be done face to face. Yeah, I know, [...]

Submissive Myths: Submission is a Result of Childhood Abuse

Submissive Myths: Submission is a Result of Childhood Abuse

This is a guest post by Mistress Steel. It was part of her Steel’s Chamber Scrolls which is now defunct. Shared with Permission. If a human being at some point in their childhood becomes the focus of physical and/or sexual abuse does this then turn them into a submissive at some later point in their lives? [...]

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Weekend Giveaway: Six Months of Paid Membership – FetLife Support (1 Winner)

Weekend Giveaway: Six Months of Paid Membership – FetLife Support (1 Winner)

The largest kinky social network, FetLife, is in on the giveaway action this week! If you are a member of FetLife you know there is a paid supporter system that gives you a few perks. I use it for my own account to trim my home feed by gagging people that post a ton of [...]

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[Video Post] Adding Rules in a D/s (or M/s) Relationship

Disclaimer: I’m well aware that some relationships do not have rules for the submissive/slave to follow. This talk will be about the relationships that use rules and task lists for submissive behavior and expectation. Many D/s relationships start by establishing a few ground rules for the submissive to follow. It is one of the more [...]

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[Video Post] What Does Service Submission REALLY Mean?

Service. It’s something that a lot of submissive say they are into giving. But what does that mean? I guess a lot of us, myself included, just assume that once you “get it” that you already understand what service entails, but the new submissives among us, and those that don’t perform service on a regular [...]

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[Video Post] The Evolution of Submission or Why I’m Glad I’m Not the Submissive I Was Ten Years Ago

  I’m not the submissive I was ten years ago. I’m someone different, someone more. It’s really hard to put a finger to exactly what makes me who I am today, but I am grateful that I’ve traveled this journey and progressed into what I feel is a more genuine me. And it’s not just [...]

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[Video Post] Beginning BDSM: Using Safewords for Safe Play

Continuing the video series on Beginning BDSM we are going to talk about safewords. So, in this series so far we’ve talked about how to define your kink, looking for a partner and staying safe. So, perhaps you’ve found someone you’d like to develop a kinky relationship with and are ready to explore play. You [...]

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[Video Post] Ask lunaKM – A Non-Romantic BDSM Relationship, Is It Wise?

Judi is a Patron Member and as a perk of her support, she was able to ask me a question to be answered in a video post. You can get your question answered too! Join Patreon and support Submissive Guide. As a new sub, I have a lot to learn, and I am just starting [...]

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Review: Medium Weight Flogger by House Of Eros from Bondage Bunnies

If I think back to my early days of kink, I’d have to say that my first tool was a wooden spoon, but not far behind that was a flogger. I don’t recall it being a fancy flogger as I was limited on budget, but I liked it and it lasted me for years until [...]

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Review: Weekender Confidential Travel Bag by Eternity Collars

Traveling with toys can be a stressful situation. How do you hide them from prying eyes? Can you keep them separate from your weekend necessities? Eternity Collars has a custom made solution; The Weekender Confidential Travel Bag. You’ve seen reviews for their items here before, most recently the Black Titanium wrist cuff. This time they [...]

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Book Review: Decoding Your Kink by Galen Fous MTP

I heard about Decoding Your Kink by Galen Fous MPT from Facebook. In several BDSM groups I’m in, this book was mentioned and had received positive feedback from those who read it and after seeing so many others interested in this book, my interest was piqued and decided to check it out. So I hopped [...]

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Review: Black Titanium Wrist Cuff by Eternity Collars

24/7 slave wear is definitely something people are always asking me if I have suggestions or opinions. It’s probably because I’ve worn a stainless steel collar for over 7 years and I must have a lot of opinion. Perhaps. Last month I reviewed a steel rope collar from Eternity Collars and today I’m going to bring you a review [...]

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Book Review: Darling Discovered by Mrs. Darling

Many of you have been asking me for more stories of real submissives and slaves, from how they found their Dominant to how their life is right now. Well, you are in for a treat! Our very own Mrs. Darling has written her story of discovery, Darling Discovered, and it’s available now on! Mrs. [...]

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