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Putting First Things First: Staying Connected When Apart

Putting First Things First: Staying Connected When Apart

This year, I was sent away for work for almost 3 months. That is a long time to be away from my Master! As the dates approached, I worried about the silly things – would He be able to come and visit? Would my roommate be nice? And ugh – a roommate! I knew it [...]

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Ask lunaKM – He Wants to “Just Be Friends” While Ex is Visiting

Ask lunaKM – He Wants to “Just Be Friends” While Ex is Visiting

Dear LunaKM, I am fairly new to the D/s lifestyle. A little over a month ago, I met a man and started developing a relationship with him. We had many conversations that were about everyday topics and found we had things in common as well as sexual and D/s conversations. He became my Daddy and [...]

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How S&M Saved My Life

How S&M Saved My Life

Growing up my parents were extremely physically and emotionally abusive. I moved out when I was thirteen, but I carried the previous abuse with me wherever I went. It made me cry when I detected the slightest amount of anger towards me, it made me shake and pull away when people waved their hands at [...]

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Finding Your Way to a Genuine Self

Finding Your Way to a Genuine Self

from the Submissive Guide Newsletter 7-12-14 When you first learned about submission or BDSM you may have felt a sense of coming home, of finally understanding what wasn’t sitting right for you. But along with that relief come questions. You thought you knew who you were, and now  you’ve been thrown into a new world [...]

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lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

Hi folks, I missed last week’s Reflections because I was sick and then I did get better, only to get worse again. I’m doing fine on cold meds and I refuse to miss doing this post two weeks in a row! Are you ready for flu season? Do you get flu shots? Join the growing [...]

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BDSM Basics: Am I Kinky If…?

You’re surfing the internet one day and come across a forum of people talking about their sex lives. It’s interesting to you so you stop and read a bit. Just when you thought you were like everyone else, someone mentions something that you enjoy doing during sex and the responses are, “Oh that’s kinky!” It [...]

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Learning About Positive Pain Processing Methods

When we learn about pain processing in relation to play and scenes with our sadist partner it’s always a good idea to understand negative processing methods. The things that make handling pain and enjoying longer sessions harder and sometimes impossible. Hopefully you’ve learned about your own negative methods in the previous video. Today we’ll talk [...]

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Learning About Negative Pain Processing Methods

If you ask any sadist what they enjoy out of pain play, it’s likely going to be watching the bottom respond to the pain. The more response, the higher the enjoyment for the top. Why is this important? Well, if the method of pain management doesn’t allow you to respond well to the pain, then [...]

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Natural Pain Processing Techniques

Everyone you meet has different methods for how they handle pain. Think about the last time your stubbed your toe. How did you respond to the pain? Did you jump up and down? Curse? Cry? Hold your breath? Walk it off? How you handle pain is a result of nature and nurture. Perhaps as you [...]

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[Video Post] Your Responsibilities Go Beyond ‘Obedience’

I read a forum thread the other day that rubbed me the wrong way. So I thought I’d talk about it and share my opinion on the subject. I would love to hear how you would answer this same question. The topic was asking what a submissive’s/slave’s responsibilities were in a relationship. Out of the [...]

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Book Review: Kinky Sex-The Secret to Long Term Desire

I stumbled across this book via a book group on Fetlife and I am happy that I did. The author, Jessica Howe has done something absolutely amazing with her time and energy with putting together “Kinky Sex: The Secret to Long-Term Desire”. Even though this book doesn’t really focus on being in a D/s or [...]

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Book Review: Haven of Obedience

In Marina Anderson’s Haven of Obedience, high-powered London businesswoman Natalie Bowen visits a secret weekend retreat for successful professionals who want to explore their sexuality and experiment under the tutelage of skilled mentors who can rid them of habits that keep them locked in destructive relationship and bedroom behaviors and teach them how to free [...]

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Book Review- Unveiled: The Secret Submissive Within

I feel very lucky to have gotten the chance to read Michelle Fegatofi’s book “Unveiled-The Secret Submissive Within”. If the author’s name sounds familiar it’s probably because of her personal blog BDSM Unveiled. She started her blog back in November 2012 and since then has written on a large variety of topics to help those [...]

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Book Review: Processing Pain in Play

I got the chance to buy lunaKM’s new version of Processing Pain in Play a littler earlier than everyone else because I had previously purchased the book. And, I hate to admit this, but despite purchasing the previous version of Processing Pain, I had not read it. *hangs head in shame* I know, I know. [...]

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Video Review: Kink for Beginners

There are a lot of great resources out there to read online about the lifestyle, but some people tend to learn better visually and there’s not a lot options out there. Mistress Lilith Starr and her slave Uruk Black have fixed that. They have put together an amazing video, Kink for Beginners. Lilith and Uruk [...]

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