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31 Days To Better Domestic Service: Start Where You Are

Welcome to the first day of an entire month of ideas to improve your domestic service. The things we’ll cover pertain to home care and as I’m not perfect, some of it will be sharing my challenges and things I’ve learned as I embraced the stay at home slave role 7 years ago.  A few [...]

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[Video Post] Ask lunaKM – A Non-Romantic BDSM Relationship, Is It Wise?

Judi is a Patron Member and as a perk of her support, she was able to ask me a question to be answered in a video post. You can get your question answered too! Join Patreon and support Submissive Guide. As a new sub, I have a lot to learn, and I am just starting [...]

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You Can’t Be Little All the Time: Learning Appropriate Public Behavior as a Little

You Can’t Be Little All the Time: Learning Appropriate Public Behavior as a Little

I have a dear friend in my local lifestyle. She’s the owner of a private BDSM dungeon. She’s a master (she doesn’t like the term ‘mistress’) with a devoted slave. She trains and mentors submissives. She bottoms with people she trusts. She’s also a professional FemDom with clients who meet with her on a weekly [...]

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31 Days To Better Domestic Service

31 Days To Better Domestic Service

October  is going to be a frenzy of domestic and home management tips here at Starting Thursday I’m going to turn up the ‘Domestic Tips’ volume to 11 and am going to attempt to vomit onto you everything I know about how to make your home management and domestic service better. Each post will [...]

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lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

lunaKM’s Weekend Reflections

Hi folks, I met with a personal trainer at the gym KnyghtMare and I joined earlier this year. We went through all the  machines and discussed my goals so that he could create a program to help me reach them. Well, I got the program back and boy is it going to kick my butt [...]

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[Video Post] Improving Your Submission – Setting Goals and Making a Plan

Welcome back to another video post! In the last episode we talked about how to identify what improving your submission needs – a focus. In that video I asked you to make a list of things you feel (or your Dom feels) that need improvement to make your submission better and more fulfilling. If you [...]

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[Video Post] Improving Your Submission: Identify Your Focus

Every submissive everywhere has asked this question at one time or another, whether that be to themselves, to their partner or to a mentor like myself. How do I improve my submission? The challenge with answering this question is that it’s such a broad, generic question. It’s almost impossible for any non-invested person to answer. [...]

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BDSM Basics – What Your First Date Might Look Like

Welcome back to the next part in the BDSM Basics series. In earlier episodes we figured out if we were kinky, what role we are, how to stay safe and how to find a partner. In this article we’ll talk about what your first date might look like. I’ll cover two different situations for a [...]

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BDSM Basics – How Do I Find Someone to Play With?

It’s the burning question on our lips now isn’t it? Through the earlier posts we’ve learned whether you are kinky, what role or roles we might enjoy and how to stay safe when exploring kink. So it makes sense that you now want to know how to find someone to experiment with and maybe have [...]

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BDSM Basics: Staying Safe with SSC

In my earlier BDSM Basics videos you learned about being kinky and what roles you might like to try while you explore the great big world of BDSM. Today I’m going to talk about safety. Every new thing you try is full of risks, some you are willing to take and others you aren’t. So [...]

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Book Review-Opening Up: A Guide To Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships by Tristan Taormino

I’m currently in a poly relationship and have been in several poly relationships in the past. Despite the numerous poly relationships I have been in, Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up is the first non fiction book that I have read about polyamorous relationships. This book has been on my reading list for quite some time and [...]

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Book Review: The Ritual of Dominance & Submission: A Guide to High Protocol Dominance & Submission

One of the more selective skills of a D/s relationship is protocol. Many of the misconceptions is that it’s hard to do and that only the more serious power exchange relationships participate. KnyghtMare and I have some moderate protocol all the time since I love it and he likes control so anytime he gets opportunity [...]

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Book Review: Bondage Snippets by Verianna LaCroix

Bondage Snippets by Verianna LaCroix isn’t like any other non-fiction BDSM book that I have read. Instead of being a book that explains the in and outs of the dynamic or a how to type of book. Bondage Snippets is a book that gives you a sneak peek into the lives of male and female [...]

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Book Review: The Warrior Princess Submissive by Michael Makai

I have been wanting to read Michael Makai’s The Warrior Princess Submissive for a while. This is one of those books where the title totally caught my interest. I found myself thinking “Well, I’m submissive, I am definitely a princess, and who doesn’t want to be a warrior?” Not only did the title catch my [...]

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Book Review: 50 Shades of Curious by Bo Blaze

Fifty Shades of Curious is by Bo Blaze, a PCC-certified alternative life coach who specializes in alternative sexual relationships and non-traditional lifestyles. He is also well-known nationally as an expert in the BDSM lifestyle who has spoken at numerous events all over the country. With the popularity of the series “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Blaze [...]

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