In this last post in the pain management series, we'll talk about the false edge, limits and the true edge. I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I've enjoyed writing it for you.

Over the course of the previous posts, we've hopefully learned how the body processes pain, the benefits of pain processing in play, the negative things that can hinder our pain enjoyment and techniques to employ to be able to play longer and enjoy pain more. This next topic was actually only recently presented to me at a munch so please bear with me. I can only share what I've learned; it's quite interesting indeed!

What is the false edge?

When you are playing with pain and you reach a moment where you are thinking of nothing but wanting it to stop, but the pain you are feeling isn't why you are considering it - think. Is it fear that is keeping you from continuing? Perhaps uncertainty of what could come next; or how far you are willing to go? You may just have reached your false edge.

The false edge is not a physical limitation, that's a limit. The false edge is the sense you are going to lose control if you continue. There comes a moment in intense play where you can feel afraid and a sense of panic if you allow your Top to continue. What's really happening is you fear to let go of the last bit of control that you have; the control over your reactions.

The goal of an intense pain scene, where masochists find the most joy is the ability to let go and get past the false edge. A person passed the false edge will begin to start reacting instinctively rather than in a controlled method. This is a far more relaxed and freer feeling that one might realize.

Why go beyond the false edge?

If you can relax and let your body take over your pain processing and reactions will be raw and genuine. Breaching your false edge allows you to play longer and harder.

Which in turn is a greater benefit for the masochist and the sadist during this time.

You must go beyond your false edge to reach your true edge. Your true edge is that ultimate limit that you probably can't even fathom right now because you've only thought of your limit being pain bearing. But once you've learned how to manage pain better and process it efficiently you just might surprise yourself!

Find out how far you can really go.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and I welcome all comments and thoughts on any of the posts. What have you learned? What did I miss?

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