Not long ago I had someone ask me privately why I feel the need to help submissives with this website, and what qualifications I have to tell people how to improve themselves. And it's true that I don't have any life coaching training or experience with counseling, but for what I do here only one thing is necessary; experience and passion. Alright, so that's two things.

Let's talk about experience. I'm not an expert. I've been in a full-time relationship for almost 6 years now. I can honestly say that I'm not perfect and I don't think my Master would ever want me that way. He likes that I'm constantly striving for perfection. In my bio on the about page, I admit that I don't know everything and have only the experience I've been exposed to go off of. But that won't stop me from writing about what I know.

There is a serious lack of good information out there for submissives that doesn't all say you need to fit into this fantasy mold that only exists in books and other media. I knew I wanted something that helped me become the submissive I was meant to be, not the one everyone else thought I should be. I hope that is part of what I have done here. If you have looked around the internet you've seen the same thing. A lack of information that has nothing to do with play and more to do with the emotional, spiritual, psychological aspects of being submissive.

I know that people can learn from my mistakes and my own research and understanding. I realize that I am good at voicing my thoughts and have enjoyed writing thus far. Apparently, I have a lot to say and the fountain of information, I believe, will not fade anytime soon. And I can pull more experience from what my readers (that means you) share with me. It's such a joy to get new comments and wonderful emails from you.

And that leads me to passion. I have such passion for making submission attainable. It's not impossible but it does involve hard work and doesn't even require training. I feel it's important that people make their own decisions on what submission is like for them and how they will achieve it. I also feel that novice submissives don't currently have the tools to help them succeed in this lifestyle.

You can have the passion for teaching as well. In everything you do, there is a lesson that another submissive can pick up. A few years ago I was given the opportunity to show another submissive how I give a foot massage. Now, I've not had training and I've only picked up a few books and read a few articles so I wasn't sure what I could teach her, but we still sat down at the feet of our owners and massaged them. She did learn a few new things that she didn't already know and it re-solidified my ability to please my Master in this task.  You too probably have things you can teach.

That's right, you. Even if you have only been in your role for a few months, there are things you've learned that could benefit other submissives. I'm not saying you have to go out and share these things with everyone but find someone around you to share your experiences with. You may be amazed by what comes out of it.