Everyone has a defining moment where BDSM becomes a part of your life in some form or another. It doesn't have to mean that you are completely immersed in a D/s relationship right away. A lot of us start out just kinky in the bedroom. The idea of being submissive as a part of your life is scary and overwhelming.

How your defining moment occurs has an impact on how your future will develop as a submissive. I had a scary and somewhat sad moment when I realized that my husband wasn't into the sex games that I wanted to play. What was I going to do? I couldn't go outside the marriage to get what I wanted, even though he would be fine with that. I couldn't stay in the marriage now that I knew I needed more from my relationship than he was willing or able to provide. My defining moment changed my future. In the end, I got divorced.

It may not happen this way for you. I've read that someone's defining moment became freeing and happy. Others said cautiously they stepped into the waters, ready to bail if it got too deep for them.

However, you decide to handle the moment will decide your future. Slowly exploring will mean a slower development of your submissive nature. Diving in headfirst could have two impacts. You could go too deep too fast and crash, or you could find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and change for the better. I am, of course, routing for the latter for everyone. I'm here to help you find your submissive future prepared and with all the tools necessary to help you mature and grow to be the best person you can be.

So, what is your defining moment? Was it a light bulb moment or a great big "Eureka!"? If you are well into your submission, how far as that defining moment allowed you to explore and grow? Where do you still desire training or knowledge?