This guest post is by Alpine from Alpine Dreams.

A bit of a background story. My partner and I don’t live together.  We are both Poly, have other relationships and numerous obligations. Staying connected and in a D/s mainframe can be difficult since he does go away sometimes and we can’t always be together on our usual bi-weekly days.

Since we’ve decided to explore D/s in more depth, the time away can be more difficult. He has recently been giving me tasks to do when he is away.  They have been ranging in tasks such as wearing my smart balls to work, putting clothespins on myself or locking myself up with handcuffs for a certain amount of time. We’ve only started doing these tasks in the past month and I’m sure there will be many more coming.

I think it’s an important way for us to stay connected and enforce that part of our relationship. It takes a bit of pre-planning on their part but the rewards are worth it. For every task, I am to document my time, my thoughts and take photos (if possible). He sends them to me with the date and time that I can open it.

It makes the time away easier and allows us to stay connected, it’s not close to the same thing but it helps when we are separated. I think it’s a great way for anyone in an D/s relationship to stay connected whether it’s a long distance relationship or even if your partner is away for a day.


What do you think of giving or receiving fun, re-enforcing, controlling submissive tasks to do? I’m curious on what other people do when their partner is away and what rituals have you incorporate to help when you are apart.

Alpine is a kinky, fun loving, poly female in Western Canada. She is a professional submissive and works independently in the Vancouver area. You can find her blog at Alpine Dreams.

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