I've wanted to hold an online book club event on Submissive Guide for quite some time and if you are a member of the Club you may have noticed a book club group there. This is the first book club event that I'm holding through the blog and I hope many of you will follow along and participate! The way this will work is that we'll be reading a book together and talking about our impressions, how what we read can be applied to our lives and anything else pertaining to the book. The first book is "Conquer Me" by Kacie Cunningham. I've written a review about the book and absolutely knew it had to be the first of hopefully many books we'll feature in this way on Submissive Guide.

Here are the important details:

  • The book club event is throughout the month of September. On Fridays starting 9/14 I will post the next section's talking points and questions for you to participate in.  We will break this book into three parts and I'll announce the first reading on 9/7.
  • Anyone can participate that is reading along or behind. The discussions will remain open indefinitely. That means if you are a slower reader you can still post your thoughts!
  • At the end of the month, I will pool everyone's comments together from the three weekly discussions and someone will be drawn at random to win $50 in gift certificates from one of our affiliates. (I'm still working out the fine print so I'm not sharing which affiliate yet. More information coming soon.) You do not have to participate in all 3 weeks to be eligible to win. Only original comments are counted, not replies to other comments or trackbacks.

You have 2 weeks to buy or borrow (don't steal) your copy of the book so you can follow along! If you need to buy it, why not purchase it from Amazon using the link below and shoot me a few cents in the process!

  Paperback | Kindle

See you all for the first meeting on September 14th!