By now you should have a handle on your stockpile, meal plan and understand how to use a price book. Today we'll cover shopping in season.

When we talk about shopping in season it often relates to produce but that's not the only thing that has a season. What other things can you think of that have a good season to purchase?

  • Cars
  • Appliances
  • Tech Items
  • Furniture
  • Winter coats or swimsuits
  • more?

Savvy shoppers know the best time to get linens is during January’s white sales and that July is a great time to buy swimsuits. But how about the purchases that will really dent your wallet? Often what we don't realize is that when we decide to buy something could have a huge impact on what it costs. And just because the sticker says it's on sale doesn't mean it's the cheapest it will be. So, unless the item you want to purchase is an emergency item, do some research and learn when the best time is to buy that item. Especially if it's a big ticket item. Really. Knowing when to buy can cut your cost drastically. Here's when to buy:

Home Furnishings

The best time to buy furniture is during Holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Many department stores host big sales and coupons stack during those times too so you could pick up a great deal. Mattresses can also be on drastic price cuts during this time.

Look to the end of the season for seasonal items like grills and snow blowers. While the price cuts will keep going up, the stock will get thinner so watch for that. If you want a good deal on a lawn mower, try mid-August for your best selection and price points.


Late summer and early fall used to be the best time to buy a car, as dealers tried to make way for the new models. These days, though, many carmakers don’t follow the old seasonal roll-out schedules, says Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at car comparison site They may introduce models at any point during the year.

If you want to get a bargain on a new car, it helps to research when the new models will roll out, Caldwell says, and time your purchase accordingly. The exception is luxury cars, which still follow the old schedule. That makes late summer a great time to buy the current year’s model.

Major Appliances

Even as car manufacturers have abandoned the old practice of releasing in the fall, appliance manufacturers have embraced it.  Many unveil their new models during autumn, so stores put previous generations on clearance shortly thereafter. The longer you wait, the better the potential deals. The end of the year and the beginning of the year are thus great times to buy. They are often big ticket deals for Black Friday and Holiday sales at Sears and Home Depot.


If you’re looking for ridiculously low prices on a barebones model television, you probably can’t do better than Black Friday. If you want a higher-end set, though, wait until the beginning of the year, after manufacturers debut their new models at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. Expect to save 30 percent, although sometimes the discounts go as deep as 60 percent. The same holds true for speakers and many other electronics, including computers.


If you want a high-end laptop, hold off until the early adopters start snapping up the latest and greatest versions previewed in January’s Consumer Electronics Show. After CES, many retailers start slashing prices to get rid of the older models. You should be able to save a few hundred dollars, and you may find deals that bundle the laptop with a tablet or other desirable accessory.

What else have you picked up on an amazing deal that you'd like to share?