Today is day 19 of the Submissive Advent Calendar. If you missed yesterday’s post you can  go back to that now, or  rewind all the way to the beginning. You can also  read the introduction post.

Most of us enjoy the splendor and glory of candles. Candles are visible reminders of our possible triumph over darkness. Have you ever noticed how one candle can go nearly unnoticed yet when you have a lot of candles lit, their presence is domineering and you can't ignore their impact?

The symbolism of candles is reflected in numerous ways in your religious and cultural traditions. Examples include how the  Kwanzaa celebration utilizes special colored candles, the  Yahrzeit memorial candles, kindling  Hanukkah lights, and the  Advent Wreath.  Even in marriage ceremonies, it is not uncommon to have a Unity candle ceremony. The symbolism of candles is profound and special to all of us.


Take a moment out of your busy schedule and light a candle. If your faith calls you to prayer at the lighting of a candle then do so. If not, sit silently for a time, just watching the warm glow of the flame as it takes to the wick.

Symbolism of Candles - from

  • A candle represents love which can light your world.
  • A candle wipes out darkness and shows you how love can brighten your life.
  • When you are near a candle, you feel the warmth, just as you feel the warmth from the love of your partner.
  • A candle can give a sense of direction and can draw people together, reminding you of how your love is also a binding force.
  • When a candle burns, the melting wax on the candle in a way disfigures the candle, representing the risk and element of pain that exists in a love relationship.
  • A candle, in order to fulfill itself, must burn itself out. If a candle is never lit, it never fulfills its purpose.

Submission can be similar to a candle and its symbolism. Can you relate your submissive journey to that of a candle?


What did you learn today about yourself?