For most of us, we've always felt that strong pull towards serving others. For others, that urge was quieted beneath propriety, shyness or fear. No matter where you started your submissive journey, the road always ends the same: spending our lives living for another. We live to serve, please, ingratiate and adore our owners. We spend so much time and energy making sure our Sir's and Mistress' are happy that sometimes we forget to attend to the most important part of us: ourselves.

Ask Yourself:

What good am I to my [Sir/Mistress] if I can't perform my tasks? Yes, I know, they love us anyways but think about it...if you wear yourself down and don't recharge your batteries from time to time, how well are you going to be able to perform your loving tasks and for how long? Eventually, every person in this world needs a recharge and for those of us who spend so much time attending to another, this need practically triples itself.

But Sub's Aren't Selfish!

But they should be. Not always and not even the majority of the time but when it comes to your mental, emotional and physical welfare be the greedy queen! If it helps, think of it as grooming yourself to be able to better serve your owner. A happy sub is a better sub!

So how do you go about having a battery day? Personally, I love to sit somewhere quiet with a book, my crocheting or even just staring at the sky/watching the rain. I go for walks by myself with my mp3 player so I can see the world from my point of view. When walking with Master its a goal to reach our destination as quickly as possible but I like to wander, to watch and to stop randomly to see something beautiful in the strangest places. I highly suggest taking long hot baths. Get a pedicure, even if you're not girly! I hate people touching my feet but a pedicure just feels so.damn.nice!

Plugging In

Cultivate hobbies for yourself. Things that can be put aside when service is required and taken out to be picked up again when you have a spare minute to lose yourself to it. This can be anything from Yoga to Hula Hooping, the sky is literally the limit on this one. The important thing is to remember to plug in, shut down and just listen to the music. You'll be a better submissive for it and your owner will always be happy with better service.

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What ways do you recharge your batteries?