Listening to holiday music on the radio the popular holiday song "Home Sweet Home" comes on and gets me to thinking about my submission. Yeah, I know that sounds silly but stay with me here. When the moments come where I'm filled to overflowing with emotion and love, I realize just how much my submission means to me. I am home in those thoughts.

That sense of comfort wasn't always there. Much like making a house a home I have had to cultivate it and bring it out in myself. I had to let myself get lost in the sensations of happiness and pleasure at the smallest things; a smile, a job was well done, an indiscreet pat on the butt as I walked by. I've struggled every day to capture each and every one of those moments.

When I stopped working at my submission it came to me easier than I could realize. Now, mind you, I still have to work at it. (I'm submissive by choice.) The moments that I feel completely surrounded by my submission and hugged by his Dominance will always feel like I'm coming home.

Don't let those moments pass by too quickly. Savor them.

Let them suspend you in their embrace.

For the fullness of our submission is what we are all reaching out for right?

It matters not how you came about and found submission. It matters not what your relationship is like, or what kinky things you do with your partner. It matters not how long you are a single submissive; or that you still are.

What matters is that you too can lose yourself in submission and be completely and fully happy if you allow yourself to be.

Take a moment this holiday season and in silence, feeling that warmth, that passion and that joy you always knew was there and sometimes you can touch without trying. Bring your submission home to your heart. Let it feed your soul and remind you. You are home in submission. Sweet, sweet submission.