This is a guest post by DeliciousVixen.

When people are on the outside looking in at the world of BDSM, it is a popular belief of them to say that we must have been wronged some time in our lives to become this way. Whether submissive or Dominant, they would think that our way of living is just a way to cope. Though it may be true for some people, I know it is not true for me. I have been abused in my life…who hasn’t? We have all had our fair share of verbal degradation or physical abuse of our bodies. However, my lifestyle was not forged because of a hardship in my past. I am the way I am because I was just born that way. Submission is a craving for me. Taking a knee to Daddy is my fulfillment. Daddy is fulfilled by taking me over his knee and giving me a good hiding. He enjoys when I surrender my will to him. Within this beautiful realm, all of our needs are different…but that is just who we are. It is easy for those not in the lifestyle to judge it because of some misunderstanding they have. Those judgments tend to make some of us shy away from accepting ourselves. We are afraid that we are just too much to take. There is a part of me that I desire to hide from the world. It goes beyond that of a submissive and was only revealed to me because of my Daddy pointing out. I am a Little. The characteristics of my inner self desire to swing on the playground, watch Disney movies, and even cuddle with my “stuffie.” I am complete in this aspect when my Daddy disciplines me for my naughtiness or hugs my fears away. Many do not understand this and would suggest I get counseling because I am a Little. The fear of mockery consumes me when I have personality slippage at work or when I am with my family. The world can be a very difficult place for those people who are not in line with mainstream culture.

I have admitted these things to you for one purpose. I desire to love myself for who I am. Daddy has told me that he cherishes my submission and the fact that I am a Little. If he believes that…then what other approval do I really need? I am not going to go shouting it in the streets, but I am going to take charge of my life. What quality of life can you really have if you live under the iron grip of fear? It will seize you until you lose yourself within it. I know consciously that I cannot serve my Dominant well under an aura of embarrassment and regret. If I am surrendering to shame, I am not surrendering to the one that I have chosen to give my life to. Thus, I am doing a disservice to Daddy and myself.

All in all, I have written this because I am just exhausted of hiding behind a mask. I was raised in a Baptist home and many of the traditional beliefs conflict with my lifestyle. However, it has been revealed to me that my religious beliefs and my lifestyle do not have to clash with each other. I can be Daddy’s little one and a good Christian girl at the same time. Every Sunday at church I do not have to be filled with guilt for just being who I am. I am so thankful for this revelation! It is so freeing!

What I wish for you, dear reader, is that you accept yourself for who you are really. Embrace it with boldness and move forward in your life with that new freedom. You should do this because it is completely normal to be a submissive, Dominant, Sadist, etc..whatever you are! There is nothing wrong with you! You cannot feel whole when hidden behind the mask of shame and humiliation. The completion comes when you love yourself with abandon. Submission and dominance are beautiful things. I do hope this revelation visits you has already begun to do wonders for me.

DeliciousVixen is just a little girl from Tennessee, starting her life over after difficult circumstances. Her Daddy is her rock and she loves him completely. He is the reason why she has made it this far.