The last time we were doing some solo-coaching here on Submissive Guide we had just gotten started trying to learn what coaching is and how to hold meetings with yourself, journal your thoughts and understand your current goals. I even bundled it up into an ebook if you want the whole first series.

Solo Coaching Your Way to Better Submission

Now we’re going to move on to taking those goals and making them work for us!

I hope you’re ready because this series is going to light a fire under your stagnant goals, breathe life into you with motivation and remind you of your reasons for a change.

Let’s Recap

Here’s where we started, if you need a refresher then I suggest you go back to the beginning. You need to build the foundation of your solo-coaching before you can take the next steps we’ll be working on here.

Schedule Meetings With Yourself - We are going to work on developing quality time for the most important person in your life, you. Once it's written in your schedule it gives it greater importance.

The CREATE Model - The CREATE system is a model that when used will ensure you stay on track with your coaching.

Re-write Negative Thinking - It is within your power to change your beliefs. As soon as a negative thought shows itself it is your job to find evidence to disprove it. It will really help if you write this evidence down.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions - To bring about a lasting change you need to get into the habit of asking yourself the right questions. The best submissives know how to ask these questions on a regular basis so that they can grow and develop in their journey.

Setting Realistic Goals to Realize Your Dreams - Every goal we want to set requires three things to have a chance at working. We need the right time in our lives, planning and follow through. Lack of just one of these things and we will not reach those dreams of ours.

The Second Series of Solo Coaching

Coming up in this next round of solo-coaching we’ll continue breaking down your goals into steps you can take, building motivation for the tough tasks and so much more. Here’s a glimpse of what’s ahead.

  • Learn to break down large goals into smaller steps and actions (9). Oftentimes that goal we set looks like an insurmountable mountain. Let’s break it down into smaller steps so that we can see growth take place!

  • Prioritize tasks and goals (10) so that you focus on what you can do now and prepare for the next set of smaller goals.

  • Find your motivation for change (11). Sometimes we need to remind ourselves why we’re making changes and taking difficult steps towards the goals we’ve set.

  • Refresh your memory on what wants and needs (12) are important to you right now and how to make sure you keep them in mind as you develop your submission and improve yourself.

  • What are your values? (13) One of the key elements of solo coaching is making sure you are adhering to your core beliefs and that you aren’t compromising on your values.

  • Let go of the past. (14) Your past self, including your mistakes, are things to learn from, not weigh you down with guilt. We’ll learn how to release your past and stop allowing it to drive your future decisions.

  • Understand your failures (15). We all have missteps, but learning how they actually help you learn and grow is an important part of solo coaching your submissive life.

  • Learning how to say no (16). As submissives, we often feel we have to please everyone without any regard to ourselves. Let’s learn how to nurture ourselves and set realistic boundaries to committing time and effort to others.

  • Nurture a positive point of view - revisit previous solo coaching on this topic (17). Do you constantly feel like you are down on yourself? Have people said you seem pretty negative? Let’s turn that frown upside down by reviewing how to have a positive outlook!

Why Solo Coaching Works

Solo coaching is just my way of saying personal development or personal enrichment. It’s something you should be striving for on a daily basis anyway but, like me, you might need a bit of direction and some help. Trust me, when I am developing the articles for this series I’m doing the activities too! I’m working the program which is why I know it works. I’m making positive steps to be the best me I can be every single day. I want you to join me. Make solo coaching a part of your submissive routine.

If you are just starting in personal enrichment I recommend you go back and do the first series so that you can be in the right place when this series gets started next month. I also look forward to hearing about your progress in Submissive Guide’s FetLife Group. It’s also a great place to get some support if you need it. I’m always finding motivation by talking with other submissives on there. If FetLife isn’t your style, join Submissive Guide on Patreon for as little as $1/month and you can talk with the other supporters there!