We can all probably say that we have dreamed of not having to work for a living. It may even be your dream to be a stay at home submissive but don’t see that ever happening for you. There are a few of us, like myself, who get to live the “dream.”

The reason I put dream in quotes is that it is far from ideal living. The adjustment period lasted over a year in which I felt like I was freeloading, was bored a lot and then took on too much and never finished most of it. Throughout my struggles, I’ve found a few things that worked to help me feel like my staying at home was not only what he wanted but also the best thing in the world for me too.

Adjusting Well?

I had some fantastic support from other people on the internet that I know through blogs to help talk me through some tough periods where I wasn’t sure I’d survive becoming a stay at home submissive. After all, we don’t have children, and won’t have children. The home isn’t a large place and isn’t difficult to keep up if I do my chores every day. So what was I going to fill my days with?

First, it was the worry. I felt like I wasn’t contributing to the relationship as much as I used to. I felt that I was useless. I defined myself by how hard I worked at a job and by how much I brought home in my paycheck. What was I going to define myself now?

Finding my Mojo

I sat down one morning and started planning out my new life. I wanted to make it feel like a job. I set up a chore schedule, put together a home management journal and learned how to do better meal planning and from scratch cooking. I wanted to learn about saving Master money since I wasn’t bringing in any and I wanted to help lower my impact on the environment as well.

The home management journal has evolved a few times. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use what I have. I’m mostly online for everything I do but then I find a need for offline items as well. Do I want to duplicate all of it? I don’t know. I’m in my 3rd year as a stay at home submissive and I still don’t know how I want to perfect my day-to-day tasks. I don’t know if that’s normal.

I love from scratch cooking. I’m buying very few processed foods now and loving the taste of homemade cream of soups, bread and pastries and so much more. I hope I never have to go back to buying the canned, dry or frozen foods. The quality just doesn’t match.

And saving money? Well, part of that is the shift in foods I’m buying, but also because I’m making my own soaps and cleaners. I’ve not purchased laundry soap in 3 years, Windex in 2 years and I’m perfecting a dishwasher cleaner now that does as good of a job as the liquid I’ve been buying. I’m learning to buy in bulk and to stockpile items when they go on sale. I’m expanding my freezer cooking and definitely cooking more healthy options. I’m recycling as much as I’m comfortable with right now. I make knit dish cloths and will soon branch out into socks. I have a knit quilt I’m working on too.

It’s a mostly peaceful thing to be a stay at home submissive.

Is It As Easy As That?

Don’t get me wrong, there will be moments when you are so flipping bored that you will just want to scream. You’ll burn your bread or waste food because you stored it incorrectly. You’ll not want to vacuüm as often and the house will begin to fall behind in cleanliness. Things will get redundant.

And then you’ll need to find a way to make it fun again. Shake it up a bit. Do it naked. Or while dancing. Whatever you can. Because being a house submissive is not a dream. It’s still a job, just with perks you never expected.

How have you adjusted to stay at home living? Any tips you’d like to share with me?