I never used to enjoy domestic duties. In fact there are a number of days where I stare at my cleaning list as if doing that would make it disappear. However, I have slowly seen how having a clean house really makes it a home.

Two years ago I stopped working outside the home and have had to develop my home duties as my new way of work. It's been a difficult change, no doubt about it. At first I was bored and unsure how this was going to fill my days. Then I made decisions that if I were going to become a housewife that I needed to start making more things from scratch. Along came chicken stock, tortillas and several attempts at bread.

I asked KM about what is impressions were as far as leaving less of an imprint on the environment and he agreed that whatever I wanted to do he would support. So I started recycling paper, plastic, glass and tin. I stopped buying things with excessive packaging. I stopped purchasing household cleaners and chemicals.

I'm learning better food preservation techniques, I still hope to one day buy a KitchenAid Stand Mixer be able to make homemade bread. (I have carpal tunnel and 10+ minutes of hand kneading is really bad.) I've taught myself knitting and experiment with sewing occasionally.

But through it all I still struggled with the idea that what I was doing was serving KM in some way. I mean everyone has to do housework.

What makes what I do service? It's all in the attitude really. Sure I could trudge around scrubbing and cleaning with a frown on my face, looking like I had been made to do this or that and not happy at all. Or I could find the peace in it. I could reach for the joy of having a tidy home and learning tasks that my mother, and perhaps my grandmother, never learned. I've got a sense of accomplishment right in front of me with the scent of lemon and baking soda in the kitchen and bleach in the bathroom.

It's never having a home not worthy of surprise visitors and it's knowing that they way I care for the home reflects my happiness in submission. When the house goes down hill he knows something is bothering me and will talk to me about it. Cleaning and cooking are ways I can now connect with my submission.

I'm proud to be a stay at home submissive now and I'm sure that the warmth of the home will continue for years to come as long as I find the peace in a bucket of soapy water.

How is domestic service really service if it is something that has to be done anyway?