This is a guest post by moonlight.

My days usually begin at 7am or so when our child wakes up (although sometimes it is much earlier). I send Sir a good morning message and I check in with the rest of our poly group too. I make breakfast and decide on something for dinner that night in case anything needs to be taken out of the freezer.

Usually the little one is happiest in the morning after a good night sleep, so this is my chance to do any crucial work emails that came in overnight. It is also when I get do any cleaning from breakfast dishes, start the laundry, get started on any organizing tasks I may have to do, . I go around and make beds, take out garbage, and just make sure that things are generally neat and tidy - even if it lasts only for a few moments.

Mid-morning is time for the daily workout. Sometimes it is a dance aerobics class, like Zumba, other times yoga, or pole dancing which is a recent favourite (sexy but not easy). Now that the weather is nice, lunch outside isn't uncommon. But then it is nap time - a glorious time of day! Getting the little person settled then allows me about and hour or two to get my writing done, send more work emails, start any dinner prep or fold the laundry. I also get the living room cleaned up again after all the toys came out. Other days, I get to have a phone call with one of the members of our poly group, catch up on the day and do the cleaning at the same time.

There are many messages with Sir throughout the day, even if I know he can't answer because he is in meetings or just busy at work. Some days are slower at work so there is more conversation. He also does some of the social media for work, so if I see something that may be useful, I will be sure to send those links along.

Sir finishes work at 4:30pm and he heads home. Usually he is here shortly after 5 and dinner is ready when he comes in (and I try to squeeze in one last clean up of all the toys in the living room before he comes in). He also likes to have tea ready for him, and a big glass of cold water in his favourite chilled cup. Dinner is our catch up time to have longer conversations about how the day went. Once we have eaten, I usually pack up the leftovers in containers for lunch tomorrow and make sure Sir's lunch for work is taken care of and in the fridge ready to go. Of course, we made more dishes, so those get done again while Sir either has some time on the computer, watches TV or hangs out with the little one.

Bedtime for our young little person is around 7pm, so there are stories, clothes are picked for tomorrow, and all the stuffies that should be in bed have to be accounted for...and again that living room needs to be cleaned.

Generally, unless I have client meetings to go to, this is our time to cuddle up, watch Food Network or Big Bang Theory and enjoy being with each other after the day. Usually, I will lay down in Sir's lap, snuggled up in a fleece blanket. Sometime in here, I try to remember to write in my journal, but I don't always remember.

Before going to bed, I lay out Sir's clothes for tomorrow, including making sure his gym bag is packed for the morning. Sir and I often go to bed at the same time, so we get to cuddle up in bed. Some nights I wear cuffs to bed, other days not, but it is wonderful going to sleep in his arms.

moonlight is a slave to her Master, a proud mommy and a member of a poly group in Canada. She is always learning how to balance her submission with every day life. She can be found on FetLife: moonlight_jade