This is a guest post by Autumn Raine Skye for the Day in the Life Series.

I'm a submissive, and I also consider myself a slave. My Master, who is also my husband, had not heard of any aspect of BDSM until I brought it up to him. So we are fairly new to all of this, we have been working, on and off, on this part of our relationship for about 2 years now.

I don't have many rules, rituals, or protocol. I would like some, but I have to be patient and wait for my Master to want to instill those in our relationship. And as for "everyday life", there isn't much routine there either.

I work out of the home, part time. Some days are full days, most are half days, I am still in charge of all the house work, and I also volunteer for Girl Scouts with a few different "jobs".

An "average" day for me, may look like this.

I get up in the morning, with my daughter, at 6 am, to help her get ready for school. I usually eat breakfast and then lay on the couch until she leaves, about 7:30. Then, say I'm working a full, day, I'll start getting ready for work, showering and such, and I usually throw in a load of laundry, and do some picking up around the house in that time too. When it's time to go, about 8:30, I say good bye to Master (who is sleeping), and head off to work.

If I'm working a full day, I get a lunch, which I live close enough, that I'm able to go home, so I do, and I usually get to spend my lunch with my Master, at home. I usually throw the clothes in the dryer at this time too.

On days I work a full day, if Master is working as well, I don't see him. I will normally get home about 5:30 pm, he leaves for work at 4:30 pm. So, I come home, have dinner, spend some time with my daughter, helping her with any homework, or Girl Scout stuff she needs to do. I tidy the house, work on any Girl Scout stuff I need to do, read emails, play games, whatever. The only request my Master has is that the house is tidied before I go to bed. This doesn't mean, dusted, vacuumed, detailed cleaning, just picked up, with out clutter everywhere. I will usually fold and put away a load of clothes then too.

I should go to bed much earlier than I do, but lately, it's been about midnight or so.

Now, the days I don't work, and our daughter is at school, we usually try to have some play time then. The days Master doesn't work, we try to have family time, like going out to dinner, or the dollar show movies, or something fun like that. Plus, once our daughter goes to bed, we try to have play time. The weekends, Master usually works really long hours (6pm-5am) so he spends the day sleeping, so we don't get much done as a family, but my daughter and I tend to run errands, and get the BIG house work done, like vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing the bathroom, and cleaning the animal cages.

I really wish we could have a more, what I consider, traditional, Master/slave relationship and lifestyle. I miss being able to be at home all the time (I just went back to work for the first time in 11 years, in July), I wish he worked a 9-5 job so we could be on a routine, but it is what it is, and we make it work. We only usually get 1-3 chances a week to have play time, and we don't see each other much, which is very hard on us.

So, that is an example, a small one, of what it is for me to be a submissive. It really isn't much different from many wives, except, I defer, in all things, to my husband. I give him total control of our lives, which makes me very happy.

Autumn Raine is a submissive/slave to her husband/Master. They are both in the learning stages of this aspect of their relationship. They have been together since 1995. She is also a mother to a wonderful daughter, who is autistic. She is also a Girl Scout volunteer and an aspiring writer, and horror genre fanatic. You can find her blog at