This is a guest post by Bibi for the Day in the Life Series. Interested in sharing what a day in your life looks like? Email it to me!

My name is Bibi. I am a Full-time Slave to Master Jimmy, and this is a day in my life.

I am not a youngster and am in my mid-40s and came to BDSM late and met Master Jimmy seven years ago online in a game called Second Life. He was part of a group of friends, and I liked his avatar and hearing his voice made me tingly.

Before my relationship with Jimmy, I was in two vanilla relationships which fell apart due to alcoholism and incompatibility and the most boring sex or lack of it mostly.

I thought Master Jimmy was vanilla when I met him and soon discovered that wasn't the case. LOL. When the dominance kicked in, I realized my very strong submissive side and he collared me. Together we started an M/s dynamic. I live in the UK. I call him Master or Jimmy. It's been five years now.

Like any real-life relationship nothing is smooth sailing, there is always ups and downs. Master Jimmy can be exact in what he wants and expects and wishes to have obedience and respect and sometimes there is conflict, but we always say sorry after.

So on a typical day, Master Jimmy works in the morning, and I sleep in but need to do my usual chores, washing up, tidying up. Laundry so when he walks through the door I have everything done, and there is a cool drink waiting for him, sometimes a hot bath and me to greet him by the door.

Before he comes home I also have time to do my own things, my meditations and online CBT daily work to keep myself in a steady calm mindset as I suffer from anxiety and Master Jimmy likes me composed and happy. I may read my Kindle (I like Tudor History or any BDSM story) or watch any programs I have recorded on SKY at my leisure.

When he is at home the focus switches to him, I might bathe him and am at his disposal for anything he wants. We eat lunch together, He is the better cook, but I tidy and wash up and then after lunch, we may go out and visit places, or he may go for his siesta, and I have to join him. Sometimes rubbing his back until he sleeps.

I don't tend to wear a lot as he likes the easy access and skin to skin contact, he likes to grab whichever bit he likes when he wishes. I am very tactile and snugly.

I do have a set of rules which we both agreed on which get reviewed annually. For example, he likes my hair long and dark and hates skirts and dresses.

In the evening we may watch a film of his choice, and he chats with me about his day, and whatever is going on. I assist with any admin issues or with telephone calls when he requires help. I sit curled up with him.

I don't have a huge social circle and am quite content spending my time with My Master. He is a private person who likes contentment peace and chilling with his slut... Me. He likes his own time to go on his Pc or do some gaming, and I hang near him and normally read or watch a Netflix video.

My M/s life is great, the only discontentment is work. I work as a healthcare professional and my shifts are rough and very long and sometimes I lose the balance between my work-life and my Slave mindset. I get very anxious and would love dearly to be a stay at home slave but bills need to be paid.

My Master is funny, we laugh a lot and is also kind fair and very observant there is nothing he doesn't miss. He can detect changes in my breathing and mood and is usually reading my arousal before I do.

I did wear an eternity collar, but work made it hard to conceal so now wear a chain with my name “Bibi” on a heart pendant.

I do try and brat sometimes to keep him on his toes, and he responds, and we play fight. I usually am very obedient to him and adore him, and he does me. I try and please him, and he is first in my world.

Bibi has been owned by Master Jimmy for five years and lives in the sunny south of UK. Bibi is quiet and laid-back and Master Jimmy is kind but firm. Our dynamic is M/s mixing obedience and respect to my Master but also having fun and laughter with trying to live the rigours of everyday life.