This is a guest post by Autumn.

I'm Relatively new to the BDSM community, but Master Grey is not. He introduced it to me slowly, respectfully, but my desire grew to know more, leading me to your website. :)

A day in the life begins, really when I wake up. This varies currently due to my insomnia going through fertility treatment with my master. It's a really stressful time sometimes, wanting kids but we both decided it was worth it.

Once awake, I usually have to wake up master too, as he suffers from sleep apnea and can have difficulty sleeping. Once he is awake, we usually figure out the time of day, then take our medicines. Then we talk about how each others night was, dreams, or daily chores or appointments to attend. Then we eat breakfast, often cooked by his best friend/sub. I've been given the task of serving the meals when they're cooked if I am able to, with a smile I'm trying my best. everyday . But I still haven't nailed the serving tray walk yet...

Yet, he still smiles and kisses me if I am to sore from my arthritis, or other health issues ( heat of the day fatigue) etc. And excuses me from certain activities he would normally ask. As it stands, our relationship is still growing. We share a bed together, his other sub, me, his slave, and my master. We play video games all day long, some days, as we are all on a form of disability and cannot work. But because of this, we can spend more time with each other!

As afternoon hits, (if we aren't sleeping during! ) Often lunch is made, then served. and water given if needed. Tea sometimes is nice when requested as well. Often my master is very timid on what to order me to do, as he still is learning my limits and desires/needs. As I am learning his desires, needs, wants, and orders.

At Night we prep and do dinner, often I will be doing my research of the lifestyle around this time, as it's less hot and I'm able to think more clearly. I'll sometimes even shop on Etsy, and show off a few " possible" collars, I adore to him, and he will often smile brightly if it suits his taste.

We've moved to the locked collar, and money is really the only reason I'm not in one. Currently my new collar, ( old one was too big when ordered). Is still being made, so I wear his heart necklace he bought early on for me.

I never remove it as it's a symbol of my dedication to loving him and only him. When night nears its end, master makes sure I have taken my evening medicine, before tucking me in bed, ensuring there's plenty of comforts he can provide.   He occasionally offers a back massage before I sleep if I've felt especially bad that day with arthritis.

So that's my life, as a new slave and sub to my Soon-to-be husband. Master Grey.

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