This is a guest post by WKslittle one for the Day in the Life Series. Cap/uncapped writing is the author's way of written communication and is a common choice for online LDR relationships. The Day in the Life Series is the only time I allow posts with non-standard grammar/spelling methods. If this bothers you, then please feel free to skip the post. 

my mornings begin at about 06:30, the first thing i do is reach under my pillow to find my phone so i can read the email my Dom has sent me while i sleep. We have a time difference of 5 hours which means i am usually asleep well before He is finished His working day. Usually the email will tell me a little about His day and how He is feeling and might thank me for my service the previous day, it will also outline some items of clothing or jewelry i should wear that day, or perhaps how to wear my hair or a shade of lipstick, there might also be an instruction to mark myself with a text He gives me. i have photographed all my clothes, make-up and accessories so He can pick and choose what He would like to see me in, i also don't make any purchases of new clothing, lipsticks or nail polish unless they are approved.

We have an ocean between us and have never met but not for the want of it, however circumstances on both sides keep us apart. i have served my Owner for just over a year now and it has been the happiest year of my life, when he found me i was about a year into my journey and was as i am now and as i think we all are, still discovering my submission and the heights to which it would take me. i have always known i was different to those around me and i have always wanted different things and made different demands of myself but never really understood or questioned why until i was emerging from the darkness of a long bout of depression and had a eureka moment, i have never looked back and since i met my Owner i have never had that darkness threaten to descend again.

While i eat my breakfast (from a pre approved menu) i take time to write to my Dom and tell him about my mood, my plans for the day be it in work or if it's the weekend my plans to clean and tidy the house, i always make sure i let Him know of any free time i have during the day when we might be able to chat online or at the weekend we sometimes have an overlap of free time and we can chat on Skype and if i am fortunate i can serve Him more directly this way, we can watch a movie or TV show together, i like to read for Him too and i read whatever book i am reading aloud and record it so He can listen to it when i am asleep. i will take time in my emails to thank Him for the good care He takes of me and express my love and devotion. We were very fortunate to find each other and we "clicked" straight away as though we were made for each other, the strength of our bond allows us to have an extremely strong and passionate relationship despite the barriers we must overcome. i have given myself to Him completely as His submissive, His lover and His friend and we are in a monogamous relationship which is wonderful as we are both jealous and greedy for each other, i can no more imagine being shared with another than i can imagine agreeing to a poly relationship, it's just not the nature of who we are or our particular flavour of D/s.

i always send a photo to Him of my clothes before i dress, and of myself when i am dressed so He can see how happy i am in my submission before setting off about my day. Then it's a dash to get my children to school and myself to work. We try to keep in touch during the day, i always watch out for an email from Him when he wakes and then again when He reaches His office and i email when i can with random thoughts, stories of my day or sometimes photos of where i am or what i am doing or eating! i write a journal entry for him once a week discussing how my journey has been or what has been on my mind in relation to our relationship that week; i also send links to my D/s reading for the week and some of the newspaper articles i read daily. When time permits i like to write to Him the old-fashioned way with a beautiful fountain pen He sent me and sometimes send a shirt so he can smell my skin, and He does the same for me, it's a wonderful moment when we get each other's packages, better than any Christmas present, i love being surrounded by Him and long for the day when we can be together on the same continent and breathe the same air.

In the evenings when i get home things are quite hectic for a few hours as i go through homework and get dinner for my children but once that is done i can finally shower and take time to write again about my day. If i am lucky He is home before i go to bed and we can chat online for a little while and a few times during the week we sleep together thanks to Skype, it's a wonderful comfort to wake during the night and see and hear each other sleeping and breathing on the other side of the ocean, i don't think i ever smile as much as i do when He wakes me in the middle of the night to let me know He has come to bed and i am once again welcomed into His service.

Wkslittleone is a full-time working mother of three just about still on the right side of forty who has overcome depression and discovered that she should have met her true submissive self earlier! she is in a long distance relationship with her Dom/lover/best friend for just over a year and is passionate about all forms of service to and for Him. When not working she spends her days cooking, cleaning, practicing Yoga, reading and writing journals, letters and emails. Her goal in life is to be locked away in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but focus on her service and her submission.