Traveling with toys can be a stressful situation. How do you hide them from prying eyes? Can you keep them separate from your weekend necessities? Eternity Collars has a custom made solution; The Weekender Confidential Travel Bag. You've seen reviews for their items here before, most recently the Black Titanium wrist cuff. This time they sent me their special order leather travel bag with a false bottom and hidden compartment. If you want to travel in class and style, this bag might be the fashion stopper for you. No one needs to know you're hiding kink equipment inside!

What Is It?

The Weekender Confidential Travel Bag is a 12" x 22" x 12" luxury leather bag with a hidden storage compartment. It comes with handles and a shoulder strap for convenient carrying. The hidden compartment is a false floor and the drawer has movable and removable dividers so you can customize what you store in it. There is an external side pocket and a larger side pocket on the inside, and a removable strap that doubles as a leash.

Check out the video on the bag produced by Eternity Collars.


Since I don't do any traveling, I asked KnyghtMare to take it with him when he was out of town on the weekends he visited his other poly partners. Then I gave him a short interview and here's what he thinks of the Travel Bag.

Is it a decent size to fit what you wanted to bring for a weekend?

You can fit a decent amount of things in there. A decent amount of rope, or paddles, clamps and other stuff. And the dividers work well for keeping things organized for when you wanna grab stuff and play.

Was it easy to load, carry and unload?

Easy to load and carry around, yes. If you want quick access to the things you've packed you need to unpack your personal items from the bag first which is a bit of a hindrance if you don't normally do that but it's to be expected. I never felt like I couldn't find something or that is was a hassle to go into it to get anything.

What did you think of the hidden compartment?

Feels like a bit of a gimmick to me but it works well. The only issue I had was getting the false bottom of the bag to lay flat when I had something large in there like a magic wand.

Can it fit everything you might want for a weekend of play?

Definitely so long as you don't require too many bulky items.

What else might you use the hidden compartment for?

If you wanted to be boring I suppose you could put more clothing in it, or use it to store toiletries. You could probably store electronic devices like a laptop or tablet in it if you had nothing bulky or heavy in the clothing compartment.

How well is the bag constructed?

Very well. It feels sturdy and tough, it keeps it's shape well and even the zipper seems to be quite sturdy. It is heavy at 6.5 lbs, so you will want to consider that if you do a lot of airline travel, weight costs money.

Who do you think would benefit from a bag like this?

Anybody who travels around quite a bit and wants to play when they get there I suppose. You could forego the clothing section of the bag and fill it with more toys quite easily but you'd lose the organization the compartment offers. I'd have no worries packing a lot more equipment in and using it as a bag for play parties though.

Is it worth the $685 price tag?

It's a bit of a steep price tag in my opinion. If you have that kind of cash sitting around for luxury items I think it's worth it - I don't think it's going to break easily and could stand up to a lot of wear and tear. I probably wouldn't buy this for myself at that price point though.

Where to Get It

The Weekender Travel Bag is only available by custom order at for $685. This item is a custom order, so time from purchase to delivery will depend on production times. Contact Eternity Collars with interest in the bag.

Pros and Cons

  • Carries a decent amount
  • Leather
  • Sturdy construction
  • Movable dividers in hidden compartment allow for custom sizes
  • Strap doubles as a leash
  • Price makes it a luxury item
  • Heavy
  • Bulky toys prevent false floor from fitting

If you are looking for a luxurious new travel bag that can keep your kinky secret, take a look at the Weekender.

This product was given to me by  Eternity Collars, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.