You want to start attending the events in your local community but their dress code is "Fetish Wear Only." How do you dress for these events without spending insane amounts of money and still look great?

Fetish wear can be a lot of things but it's usually clothing you wouldn't wear out in the real world. Choose clothing that accentuates the parts of the body that you like.

There are different styles of fetish wear to consider when building your wardrobe. You might even have a decent selection in your closet already. To add a bit more spice you can always go shopping.


One style is the stereotypical leather, latex, and rubber. Fashion in this category is specialized with unusual fabrics, tight body-hugging clothing and is usually quite pricey. But you don't have to go head to toe in leather to be dressing up.

The second style is the sexy/revealing fashion. In this style, your goal is to show off your favorite assets and wear slinky outfits that invite fantasy and advertises your physical charms. See-through fabric, tight pants, fishnets and short short skirts are common.

The third style is based on your desire and openness to roleplay. This can be anything from the French maid costume, the school girl, or classic Bogart style. You can become someone different for the night with just a change of clothing.

The last style that I am going to talk about is the typical Dominant-submissive style. In this fashion, the point is to express your role through clothing. If you are a Top then you want to look in control and powerful. Black is quite common but other fierce colors are a good choice. As a bottom, you want to express your willingness to yield. White and pastels soften your image.

What other styles have you seen at fetish events?

Repurpose Your Closet

The first thing I suggest you do is to go to your closet and have a good look. It's likely you have items that you can use for your basic fetish wardrobe.

Men can use black suits, slacks, and button down shirts, string ties, fetish themed ties, leather vests and ties. Add a pair of handcuffs or flogger hanging from your belt and you fit right in.

Women can select short or pencil skirts, which appear more fetishy, high heels and stockings. Don't overlook your lingerie. Do you have a sheer robe, sets that you wouldn't mind wearing at an event, or garters and peek-a-boo bras? That basic black dress can even be dressed up with a wide belt or corset for a fetish look.

Borrow and Trade

We all could use friends that are similar in size to us. If you are lucky enough to have someone like that, see if you can rummage around in their closet. Do the same looking you did on your own. And if they are into the fetish scene too, then it's a bonus!

Thrift and Vintage

One of the best places to find cheap clothing that you can use for your fetish wardrobe is a thrift shop. The stock is constantly changing to visit them frequently. You may be surprised by what you find. And just think, if you engage in a rough take down or knife to clothing scene you won't be out a bunch of money (just bring a separate set of clothing).

Vintage stores are fun if you are that bend. Vintage clothing can be great for the roleplay style. You can also find long and short gloves, sturdy high heels and girdles/corsets. Hats can also be fun for your wardrobe.


As you shop for everyday items keep an eye open for things that you can add to your wardrobe. Ebay is a great place for items that you can't find locally. Clothing swaps are another way to change up your wardrobe. Keep an open mind and create your own style of fetish.

Put It Together

A lot of times just one accent piece can make your outfit fetish. Tops can tie leather thongs to their biceps, or gauntlets of rope or leather on their forearms. Bottoms can wear collars, skirts, and corsets or just a stunning pair of heels.

Creativity is one of the best ways to morph regular clothing into something special. Use items from around the house to give your outfit some zip. Try making a rope dress, or adding clothespins, safety pins or nipple clamps to your shirt or jacket. Use a chained set of nipple clamps to hold your jacket together rather than buttoning it. Hook your nicest flogger or crop to your belt. Just use your imagination! - Sensuous Sadie (

Starting your own fetish clothing on a budget is easier than you might think. Open up your imagination and take a look at your closet the next time you are in there. I bet you could find that key piece to get you started on a great new look; perfect for the next event you are attending.