When I asked for suggestions on books to review for Submissive Guide, this was one of the first ones mentioned and I'm so glad that it was! Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot! by Carol Queen is a fantastic foray into exhibitionism. No matter how shy you are (or are not) this book has something to help you express yourself sexually.

Now, it clearly declares that you don't have to show off to just anyone, or anyone at all in fact. Much of the first few chapters helps break down your feelings of shyness by having your practice exhibitionism ideas alone, in front of a mirror. I admit it's pretty hot to watch yourself strut your stuff, dress sexy talk dirty and play.

The talking dirty chapters really did help me realize that I could be more audible in bed and it would enhance our sex play. I tested out a few of her recommendations and while one or two fell flat with Master, the others did exactly what I wanted them to!

The chapters on dressing to show off I'm glad the author covered the fact that it doesn't have to be skimpy, trashy items. You can be a bit exhibitionist by wearing your top cut lower, your skirt just a little higher, trying out more makeup or wearing heels. Anything that makes you feel sexy will help you act sexier to people around you.

My favorite part of the book is discussing how you can meet people with your interests and how you can safely express your exhibitionism. The author covers all sorts of places and ideas that I didn't even know existed. I recommend anyone read these chapters, even if outward exhibitionism is your idea of a good time.

Oh and she talks about voyeurism too, since it is the other side of the coin. Perhaps you learn that watching someone else (or yourself) is erotic. Carol Queen helps you explore your inner voyeur as well!

Since she was a peep show girl long ago, she also freely talks about the sex industry and exhibitionism within that. I was quite interested in how peep shows work - being that I've never been in one.  Part of the professional exhibitionism chapters talks about online exposure though sites, phone sex, video playing and more.

And if you are looking for a partner, she does a fantastic job of covering how to go about seeking and finding a partner or at least a location where you can be an exhibitionist safely. Even if you aren't exhibitionist this chapter would be helpful for anyone looking for that perfect partner.

This book has it all. I can't stop singing it's praises - I loved it. I'm certain that you will too. Go get yourself a dozen copies!

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