Getting ready for play is full of excitement and nerves. It can be so difficult to focus on anything but the upcoming time with your Dominant. Setting up a preparation routine will not only make the session more enjoyable for your Dominant but will put you more at ease to enjoy it also. So what do you do to get ready for play time?


Take a good bath or shower and make sure you wash your hair. Try not to use heavily scented products or items that could leave a residue. Have you ever been in a room and a woman with too much perfume walks by? You don't want that to be distracting during play. Once you've completed your shower or bath you'll want to pay special attention to your genitals. Soaps that you use there should be fragrance-free to avoid irritants.


A large majority of Dominant prefer to have their submissives shave their body. When shaving, make sure that you use a new razor for best results. Some submissives like to shave with soap and water, others with shave cream. My preference is for a men's disposable razor and shave cream. There are many suggested ways to shave and prevent stubble, razor burn or cuts and you can read about some of the readers suggested tips in the Shaving Roundtable.


A few times I have been asked to prepare by taking an enema. They are simple internal cleansing routines that anyone can do. Pick up a prepackaged enema kit in the pharmacy department and dump out the liquid inside - it's just too harsh for what you are doing. Use warm tap water instead. The water shouldn't feel too hot or too cold. You are trying to be close to body temperature to prevent cramps. Enemas should be done a few hours before play to make sure you are cleaned out and ready for backdoor play. If you do not do enemas, slipping a finger inside to check for cleanliness is a recommended step.

Special Treatments

Depending on your Dominant's preferences you may then lotion your body (fragrance-free or requested fragrance), polish your nails, apply makeup and style your hair.

Other things that would be considered special consideration would be

  • to fully hydrate - drink lots of water
  • stretching and/or a yoga routine if bondage or stress positions are possible
  • eating fruits or drinking fruit juices which are known to sweeten body fluids

Anticipation for a scene can cause butterflies in your stomach too. A bit of Pepto Bismol might come in handy while you wait! After all that you are now ready to for the fun to begin.

What other things do you do to prepare for play?