You may have been bathing yourself since you were 5 or 6, but if you haven't changed your bathing routine since then, you may want to consider growing up and learning an adult way to bathe. Each person may have cleaning preferences and this is to be just a guideline and recommendation for bathing and grooming. Preparing your body for your dominant partner is a basic requirement that will amaze and delight them, besides a clean body makes you feel good too.

How frequently you bathe is as important as what you do in the bathroom to groom yourself. If you are like me, I bathe more in the summer than the winter, but you should be able to bathe at least once every day. Your body sweats sloughs off skin and develops body oils that we can't see. We should wash them off and reset our pheromones. Any area the generates waste needs to be cleaned at least daily. If you have sex you should bathe afterward. It's amazing how many people don't bathe every day. If you don't live in an impoverished 3rd world country then you should have no problem bathing every single day. Water is easily accessible.


Having the right soaps and cleaning supplies will also make your bathing experience enjoyable and you'll leave feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated.


Actually, any soap will do, but some leave more or less residue behind. Most low-quality soaps will strip your natural oils from your skin and you will end up with dry skin. Select a higher quality moisturizing soap in a scent that won't conflict with any perfumes or other scents you may wear. I personally use a high moisturizing bar, but others work just as well. In testing a soap, there are basically three things to look for. A good soap should wash away dirt; dissolve oil and grease; and NOT leave a film behind. A simple test is to take a clear glass pane, drinking glass, goblet, dish, etc (Must be clear) and swipe a small amount of cold grease (bacon, fat, oil, etc.) across an area. Rinse with cool water. Use the soap bar/liquid soap to firmly rub a section of the grease smear off. Rinse with clean water without scrubbing, or drying. Let air dry. Look through the glass and compare the unwashed grease with the soap cleaned section. A poor soap will leave a cloudy finish next to the grease. A good soap will leave a clear finish. What's left on the glass after the soap is left on your skin?

Shampoo and Conditioner:

Hydration and damage repair are good for highly stylized hair. Find one that is meant for your hair type, don't go cheap when it comes to hair care, or it will show in dull, damaged or dry, brittle hair. Rinse the product completely out of your hair before moving on to the rest of your body. You can test it by squeezing your hair in your hand and seeing the color of the water and if there are still bubbles forming.

Facial cleansers:

These are a personal decision. I've been blessed with pretty blemish-free skin, so I choose not to cleanse my face daily, but every other day it gets a cleaning so that the oils that have collected don't start to shine. I do remove my makeup every night, however.


Take the time you need to clean yourself correctly. Do not rush through your bathing routine. Remember that you are caring for your owner's property or your future owner's property. How would you like it to be treated? Start now. Make sure you have the time to do it right and don't skip a step. Make sure you bathe in the hottest water you can stand to open up your pores. Sweating is a good thing in a shower because it opens up your pores and sloughs off dead skin and grime.


A lot of men and women shave their underarms and legs and doing this occasional task in the shower is a good option. Make sure you use shaving cream or conditioner and lather it up on the skin well. Shave slowly to avoid cuts over bumps and creases like your knees.  Don't forget the tops of your feet. You may also want to shave your bikini area. Make sure you have some place stable to sit or stand with enough light that you can see what you are doing.

Brush Your Teeth

It may seem odd but brushing your teeth in the shower means you won't have to worry about getting toothpaste on your clothing and you can clean your tongue well with the spray of water.


Finding a body lotion can be very important. Use one with a light scent that won't conflict with your perfume or other scents you may wear. Apply it after your bath to lock in moisture and keep you glowing all day.


A clean body is a healthy body. Remember that you are learning to not only care for yourself in the most basic manner, but you will be able to later extend that experience to bathing others if you are so required to. Enjoy your fresh, clean and healthy skin. You will begin to notice a difference and so will the others around you.

If you need a more detailed how-to on taking a shower, check out Wiki-How's article, Taking a Shower.

What do you think are the best cleansers?

I intentionally left my opinions on brands and styles out of this post, but I'd love to know what you use in the shower for cleaning yourself. Are you brand loyal? What works for you and what have you found doesn't work at all? Let me know in the comments!