We've covered so much this past year on Submissive Guide. There are now over 1500 articles about submission on this site. Here are the top ten posts from the year.

Which ones did you miss? Take the chance to read it now, tweet about them or bookmark them for later.


1. My Time on the Edge: Exploring Rimming

First published in a now extinct sex magazine, I wrote about my exploration into analingus and rimming from my first experiences to researching for the safest and least squicky way for me to handle rimming.  It's a great first step for anyone considering getting into this form of play with their partners.


2. Back Off Bitches! Feeling Territorial and Jealousy as a Slave

Charmed Blyss writes about the green eyed beast that can interfere with pretty much any relationship. Feeling territorial can hinder submission and Charmed Blyss provides a list of things to do to help you stomp out jealousy in yourself.


3. Playing and Punishment from a Distance

If you explore submission in a long distance relationship then pinksubgeek's article will give you fun ideas to explore and gentle caution about how play and punishment impact an already stressful long distance dynamic.


4. What a Romantic Dominant/submissive Relationship Looks Like

Love is an interesting emotion that some people feel doesn't belong in a D/s relationship. I'll describe what it looks like to me and how it betters my submission and the dynamic when love and romance are cornerstones to the power exchange.



Learning About Positive Pain Processing Methods

When we learn about positive pain processing in relation to play and scenes with our sadist partner it’s always a good idea to understand processing methods. This is part 3 of my video series that I ran this year. I suggest you check out the entire series here.


6. Being a Little in a Long Distance Relationship

Tequilarose answers a reader's questions about being a little in a long distance D/lg relationship. She gives some good suggestions for how to express yourself as a little when the distance is in the way.


7. The Myth of the 24/7 Submissive Mindset (and Why So Many of Us Struggle)

This post is from the Newsletter that I send out twice a month. In this one, I share why the submissive mindset is really a myth and what we need to seek is a balance of all the facets of your life to find fulfillment in submission.


8. The Things I Carry That Help My Submission

Tequilarose has another popular post in this list with a list of her own! She gives us a glimpse into the physical things she keeps with her that help her with her service to her Dominant partner. You too can pick up a few ideas of what can make your submission easier and rewarding with this list.


9. Why A Punishment Dynamic Maybe Just What You Need

Not everyone needs a punishment (not funishment) dynamic, but when all else is failing, you just might find the perfect balance in one.  This is a glimpse into punishment dynamics with a list of links at the end for more exploration into punishment.


10. That Anxious Space from the Petition to the Collar

If you submitted a petition for a collar or are waiting to hear if you will be granted one, you'll know that the waiting can be torture! Charmed Blyss writes about that in between time and how the testing period anxiety can be alleviated and you can find peace.

Did you enjoy these posts? Which one was your favorite? I'd love to hear it in the comments below!