I admit that I used to whisper tales of sub space and the other blissful states that I've been in as if they were magical golden hours of submission.  I actually believed long ago that sub space is what made me a "real" submissive. Trust me, that bubble didn't last long. Once it was popped I took on a realistic view of all things that I could and sub space was one of those items on the chopping block.

Now, this isn't to say that sub space is false or that sub space doesn't happen and it's all in our heads. No. Sub space is a real thing. It does happen and there are many ways you can reach sub space, experience sub space and come out of sub space. And there are people that don't reach sub space. That doesn't make you any less of a submissive, not at all. It just means you experience things differently.

What is Sub Space Again?

In my opinion, there are two different spaces that are considered sub space. One is pain and play induced with endorphins and adrenalin and the other space is serotonin derived. In basic terms, sub space is the euphoric feeling you get from play or other experience. These euphoric feelings can manifest other side effects, but the base is always euphoria and bliss.

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Reaching Sub Space

As I mentioned the most common way to reach sub space is through pain play. The intense sensation triggers endorphins and adrenaline along with other chemicals in your body that make you feel good.

This is where everyone describes sub space differently because how your body processes those chemicals is unique. Some people get quiet and stoic, others giggle or become childlike. Still other experience an out of body sensation or feeling far away from the experience. It's all sub space.

There are a number of ways, too many to count, that we can trigger that euphoric feeling and the bliss that is sub space.

  1. Intense sensation play
  2. Focused sexual service such as genital worship
  3. Saying a mantra or prayer
  4. Watching demos or presentations of an interesting kink
  5. A sudden display of dominance like gripping your neck or pulling your hair and looking into your eyes
  6. Invoking fear of feeling threatened (consensually)
  7. Watching kink pornography
  8. Hearing positive praise, like "good girl/boy"
  9. Tight bondage
  10. Listening to your Dom whisper naughty things in your ear
  11. Orgasms

Please chime in what ways you have reached sub space or a sense of total bliss in your role in the comments below.