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2 responses to “Sub Space: The Ultimate Frontier for BDSM Play”

  1. michaelstoy

    I experienced sub space with my “Sir”. It was pure ecstasy.It was like floating on a cloud.It was so unlike any experience in my life.Sir was very in control of our shower and he is the only man I’ve ever been submissive to.He is very dominate by nature,I have always had a fantasy to be totally dominate. I’m new to submission but it feels so natural to me. I love it. Entering sub space has also been easy for me because I’ve found my perfect Master.

  2. Stacey

    I read the article you mentioned at The Steele Door. Her classification of Blonde Space must surely have some sub – classifications within? It kind of goes from aware to unaware and non-communicative without any steps in the middle. Have you come across any articles or blogs that further examines this “Blonde Space”? Maybe not by that exact name, but similar in effect? I have also read another article that differentiated between physiological sub-space and psychological sub-space. My sub-space is definitely more psychological in nature at this point, but I have had limited exposure and experience as of yet. I am sure I will experience both forms as time passes, though I must admit that being fully immersed in deep sub-space is a slightly frightening concept for me. Thank you so much for your article. It is very enlightening.

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