If you can't get out to munches in your community or conventions held around the world the next best thing is a website focused on kink education. I have nothing but praise for Kink Academy and the quality educators and topics that they cover on Kink Academy.  Here at Submissive Guide I have talked about Kink Academy before and the value for learning anything related to kink, but did you know there is a lot of videos there for the submissive mind as well?

Today I'm going to showcase the series and videos that I find to be a fantastic learning experience for submissives. Please sign up for Kink Academy if you can. The entrance price is well worth it. It also helps Submissive Guide if you sign up using a link in this post.

I won't link directly to the videos since you have to be a member to see them. If any of these videos interest you, sign up by one of the banner ads in this post!

Mollena Williams

, “Delicate, Trembling Flower of Submission” © is a NYC born and raised writer, actress, BDSM Educator and Executive Pervert.

Sustaining Submission in a Relationship

She discusses helpful ways and times to communicate (e.g., checking in during good times and bad experiences), underscores the prime directive of submission, and offers many suggestions to strengthen relationships.

Autonomy in Submission

She distinguishes between fantasy and reality, recommends clear-minded negotiation, and suggests helpful ways for the submissive (and dominant) to approach power exchange relationships.

Service When You're Not in a Relationship

She focuses on ways to help the submissive/slave get their service needs met even when not in a relationship to another person. Her suggestions can also help you integrate your kink and vanilla lives, so to speak.

Getting Your Needs Met

She underscores that service is both given and received; and, using her own personal experiences, she encourages submissives both to know what feeds them and to communicate those needs honestly. Such knowledge and communication can help prevent sluggish and resentful service.

Negotiating Service Boundaries

She talks about knowing yourself and your boundaries, and being aware of what types of service nourish you. She highlights intention, focus, and open communication so to promote the best possible mutual experience of service possible.

Your Service Resume

She suggests that you think about – write down, and honestly communicate – what you can offer in a power exchange relationship. Not just the kinky stuff either! This may be the best way for you to underscore your value and advocate for your needs during negotiation with your partner(s). Invest in yourself!

The Service Mindset

She starts with a personal experience and accentuates that service should fulfill the submissive. Service moves one beyond oneself; the focus centers on the other. And this focus helps the servant grow in patience, openness, and acceptance. A very valuable clip for submissives and dominants.

Strength in Service

She challenges preconceived notions of dominance and submission, discusses the many forms of service, and encourages the prime directive of service (which she defines) as well.


, an open source programmer “by day” and a sexual freedom advocate “by night,” Maymay has been an outspoken member of kinky, queer communities since 2002.

Finding Masculinity in Submissive Play

He explores various types of play (e.g., chastity, penis size, and cross-dressing) from an atypical perspective as a way to encourage new thinking and promote value, fun, and eroticism for all partners involved in submissive play.

Masculine Pride in Submission

He starts with some of the cultural stereotypes of masculinity and service and then discusses ways to assert your masculinity as a submissive. MayMay emphasizes the central importance of personal authenticity throughout the clip.

Exploring Motivations for Bottoms

He defines, discusses, and provides examples for indispensable service, martyrdom, and bad-ass bottoming.

Princess Kali

, a foot-fetishist and lifestyle dominatrix with extensive experience in humiliation, corporal punishment, female supremacy and TPE play.

Tips on Managing a Long Distance Relationship 1

With the age of the Internet it’s more possible than ever to carry on a long distance relationship and still stay strongly in touch. Princess Kali shares some basic tips for finding a variety of ways to communicate, making the most of the time you can spend together, and taking responsibility for keeping the spark alive when you’re physically far apart.

Tips on Managing a Long Distance Relationship 2

How can you strengthen your relationship with your partner between face-to-face visits? Princess Kali suggests several proven ways during this 9-minute video: meditations, writing assignments, masturbation schedules, and much more. Keep it light-hearted and sexy, and you’ll find that your kinky connections can become stronger and more meaningful.

Submissive Standard Positions

There are a variety of positions that a submissive can take in order to be ready for service, punishment or any other kinky fun. Princess Kali shows some standard positions including: resting, kneel-up, kneel-down, standing at attention, present, and dismissed.


There are many different traditions of protocol and Princess Kali is here to share some of the ‘Kink Academy Standards’ including; tone of voice, addressing a Dominant, and phrases to use to communicate with-in the ‘scene’. These protocols are a good starting point for both submissives and Dominants to establish a more personalized standard.

And honestly folks, this post could go on and on. There are over 600 videos on Kink Academy and for a small monthly fee you'll be visiting over and over. Submissives of all persuasions are covered at Kink Academy. I hope to see you there real soon.

Thoughts to Ponder

  1. What stops you from signing up for a site like this one?
  2. What topics do you long to watch videos of?
  3. Do you think it's safe to learn technique from videos?

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