This is a guest post by  Erika McClean.

Do you ever have that feeling when your Master is working you over and waiting for you to say “uncle,” that you will be damned if you’re going to say it before his arm gets too tired to flog you anymore?  I do.  I’m a brat through and through with a highly competitive nature.  Peel back the reasons behind being obstinate and competitive and generally you end up with a whole lot of testosterone.  I personally have a high testosterone level for a woman, but yours doesn’t have to be through the roof to play havoc with your urge to behave yourself.

Want to know a secret?  Sometimes I get the tiniest bit of peach fuzz above my upper lip. ACK!  Well, of course, there are creams for that but the reason I have to battle it in the first place is that my serum testosterone is high.  Higher testosterone levels also tend to coincide with people who prefer multiple partners, which is often referred to the “Casanova” effect.  Another and this time unfortunate, side effect for us afflicted with testosterone-induced nymphomania is the tendency to break out in acne.  This makes it a high priority for those with an active libido to take good care of your skin to avoid unsightly blemishes.  So much for testosterone only being a man’s concern!

Still, in the end, it is the primary male sex hormone and when it’s low there are both sexual and non-sexual symptoms.  It’s just like when women go through menopause, not just our sexuality is affected by the lower estrogen levels.  Sexually speaking though, it can decrease the libido, destroying your interest in sex in general as well as interfering with the erectile function to cause fewer and weaker erections.  Honestly, I have nightmares at the thought.

There are different things are responsible for low levels of this hormone.  One of the biggest is age.  Men over the age of 30 will experience a long slow decline in their testosterone levels.  If you’d like more information to try looking up Hypogonadism at the American Urological Foundation or other medical sources.  So, you suspect your testosterone level might be low, how does one get that checked out?  At the doctor’s office, they can check your level using blood, urine or saliva, though blood tests are the most common.  There is hormone replacement therapy available for those who suffer from low testosterone.  There are many different topical creams, gels, and patches as well as shots that can provide the body with free testosterone and correct your hormone balance.

As far as natural methods of increasing your serum levels, perhaps the best are trying to keep to a healthy weight and getting regular exercise.  I know people say that about everything, but it’s still true.  I’m not going to talk about when the blood serum level is too high, but if you’re interested to check out what happens to people who abuse steroids.  Think crazy body builder meets PCP person meets Massachusetts road rage.  No good.  It’s generally not something that happens naturally though so I’m not going to go into it here.

So eat right, exercise and go see your doctor if you’re having issues.  Life without sex is no way to live.  (Unless of course, that’s your kink, then more power to you)  Remember gals, I’m not just talking to the boys here.  Even though it’s the primary male sex hormone it plays a similar role in female sexuality and if you’re not feeling interested don’t just sit there DO something!  They don’t have a Viagra for us yet but by the Gods, if we keep going in and complaining they will find one.  So speak up and make sure to add testosterone level checks to your yearly checkup schedule.

Erika McLean of graduated from Husson University.  She lives in Maine with her Dom husband, three kids, and pets.