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What does trust mean to you in the context of submission?

Trust means that my openness and honesty does not get dismissed out of hand. It means that what I say and feel has importance to my Dominant and that he cares for me completely. Trust means I can explore my fears, limits, and fantasies without feeling judged or embarrassed for it.

Trust means that he respects me and will afford me the same openness and honesty that he expects from me. Trust is one of the first traits that I seek in a person. Its real value is incomprehensible.

It takes the time to form, but from the start, you can see if someone is going to be trustworthy or not. We often test our Dominants just to see if trust is going to form or not.

Without trust, I don’t believe I have a viable relationship. Even when I was in a vanilla marriage I never kept secrets and felt that to trust him was the most important thing I could nurture. Of course, his secrets helped to end the relationship.

While I’ve not had my trust trampled on like many people who talk to me asking for advice I understand where you’re coming from. Trust is one of those things that we value so highly and when it’s not respected we feel like our whole world has been a sham.

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