This month's book review is about a different form of relationship structure than the traditional D/s that you read about on practically every site and book you browse.  Domestic Discipline by Jules Markham is about creating harmony in your relationship through the use of consensual discipline. The basic form of discipline preferred by Domestic Discipline (DD) practitioners is spanking but has also been known to use enemas as part of the program.

In the first few chapters you will get an introduction to DD as well as what makes it different from BDSM, begin to learn about emotional cycles and what the psychological process of DD does to a relationship when used correctly. I really enjoyed learning how our emotional cycles generate the positive and negative behaviors that we see in each other and ourselves. I also thought that DD has a good premise for how spanking and discipline helps manage the emotional cycle and promotes longer positive behaviors in the cycle and less negative ones.

With every Domestic Discipline relationship there is consensual spanking for two reasons. There is punishment spanking and therapeutic spanking. The former is for correcting negative behavior and infractions or rule breaking. Therapeutic spanking can help the passive partner to move past a negative side of their emotional cycle faster and can help with working through emotions of any type.

The middle of the book covers spanking and non-spanking punishment. It talks about discipline being broken down into 4 phases and depending on the severity of the behavior will carry a 1,2, 3 or 4 phase punishment. In between each phase is a corner time imposed to rest the skin to keep it sensitive and not go numb (many submissives may know what leatherbutt is... the breaks in punishment help prevent that) but also for the passive partner to reflect on the discipline being received.

Enemas are also covered pretty well as an addition or substitute for discipline, especially if the passive partner gets sexually excited by spanking. After all, discipline in a DD relationship isn't supposed to be pleasurable.

I'd recommend this book for anyone interested in a relationship where one person is in charge and the other is passive but don't want all the trappings of BDSM and kinky behaviors expressed elsewhere. Domestic discipline when done correctly can be very rewarding and bring that harmony to your relationship that you may be looking for.

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