I'm preparing for my first public scene and I'm concerned about subdrop.

I'm already have the diagnosis of Bipolar, suffer depressive phrases and I'm single. I'm reading about an Aftercare kit and I will be taking one.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



I know many people with Bipolar and other mental illnesses who are involved in BDSM. The thing to remember is that everyone drops differently. You won't know until you experience it. You may not have a big reaction. Some people are fine after just a little while. Others might carry into the next day. Have you negotiated aftercare with the person you are planning a scene with? If not, this needs to be a priority before anything else. Be sure that your Top knows all about your conditions physical and mental. The better prepared your Top is, the better He/She will be able to determine what is best for you. If the person can not be with you physically for aftercare or the day after, arrange it to where you can at least talk to the person, or have a back up person who can be with you just in case.

If you choose to take responsibility for your aftercare, here are some suggestions:  Gather things that are comforting to you like a favorite movie, blanket, or anything that makes you feel good. Just veg out and pamper yourself. Other things like taking a relaxing bath, listening to relaxing music, or a special treat can help. Don't be afraid to do this just because of your mental illness. Be aware of your inner queues and plan ahead, but don't expect that your sub drop will be a negative experience. Safety always comes first.

Happy Submitting,