In September 2012, Submissive Guide hosted a month long book club of Conquer Me by Kacie Cunningham and it was a fantastic success! From there the idea of a study guide was born. This is the result of all that work.

Before you buy this guide, make sure that you purchase the book Conquer Me by Kacie Cunningham! It’s available in paperback and on Kindle.

You will be reading Conquer Me while following this study guide. But all too often when we read books, we forget the quotes that struck a chord or jotted notes down – never to be seen again. The Companion was written to help you get more from your reading and apply what your read into your own life.

What’s Inside?

Each Chapter of the Companion has the following parts:

  • Before the Chapter - You’ll get a preview of the topic for the chapter and I’ll talk about what you should keep in mind while reading.
  • Notepad - Many people don’t like to write in their books. I leave a bit of blank space for each section so that you can annotate here, note page numbers and quotes and ask yourself important questions. Use this area however you see fit.
  • Afterthoughts - This section we’ll have questions and activities to get the most from your reading and apply what you’ve read to your current relationship or personal submissive style.
  • Journal Prompt - Some chapters will have a journal prompt. You can write this digitally or on paper. It is for your own personal reflection only and meant to help you look deeper into yourself about the topic of the chapter.
  • Activity - A few of the chapters have longer writing activities for you to work on enhancing your own understanding of the book and yourself.
  • Additional Reading - Many chapters have links to online essays and articles related to the topic in the chapter. Use these to get a better understanding of varying views and develop your own opinions.


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