No matter where I go I hear people saying the same thing. Kneeling is the ultimate sign of submission. But what if for some reason or another you can't kneel to your Dominant? Does that make you less of a submissive? Should you force your body to do something it can't just to feel submission in what's supposed to be the most visible way?

Not one bit.

Kneeling can show submission, sure. If you can do it then, by all means, enjoy your place. If you are like me or many other submissives out there, kneeling is not possible for long duration or at all. Whether it be an injury, illness or physical size that keeps you from resting on your knees - the idea of kneeling is out of the question.

So how do we display our submission to our Dominant if we can't kneel? There is a multitude of other ways that you can be submissive and display that without the act of kneeling but first I'll cover alternatives to kneeling.

Lowering yourself so that you are below their standing waist height is the real reason kneeling works. So any position where you are below that level can be used as a display of submission. Sit on the floor, use a cushion or stool. If your real desire is kneeling then these options might suit you as an alternative. If you can kneel but need some relief then yoga blocks or bolsters might help you relax without straining your knees. Meditation benches may also be an option.

Think about how you feel when you are submissive. The visible sign of submission emulates that, so you don't have to kneel to show submission. Submission is often disguised as humble and polite behavior in vanilla public. Think about how you treat people politely and you will likely come up with other ideas for showing submission to your Dominant. Other ways that I can come up with in which submission is visible include;

  • lowered eyes
  • silence and only speaking when spoken to
  • hands folded behind the back
  • curtsies or bows
  • using sir/ma'am
  • wearing a collar

There is an excellent essay on Submissive Guide that also has tips for those that have an injury. It's titled  Keep in Good Standing - A Tip for Those Who Can't Kneel and I recommend you take a look at it!

What other ways to you visibly display your submission?