Service can mean different things to different people. Just as submission is different depending on the person and dynamic, so is the type of service that submissive provides.

In the list below I have what I call the four types of service that are most common in D/s relationships. I've come across several different ways to describe service including what I'm going to be covering in a series of posts here on Submissive Guide.  The types of service are:

  1. Transactional
  2. Devotional
  3. Positional
  4. Situational

Today I'm going to cover transactional service.

Transactional service functions much like a business transaction. Someone pays you for a service, and you provide that service. Transactional service for the submissive refers to the exchange of specific actions, tasks, or services between the Dominant and submissive partners. You do something for your Dominant, and in return, you get something. These actions or services are often negotiated and agreed upon beforehand, forming part of the power dynamic within the relationship.

The transactional nature of these services means an explicit exchange occurs within the relationship. The submissive partner offers service or obedience; in return, they may receive acknowledgment, praise, or other forms of fulfillment from the Dominant partner. This could be fetching their iced tea, and you get a 'good girl' or ‘good boy’ in return. In another example, the submissive receives a flogging from their Dominant, who expects sexual service in return. It doesn't have to be a tangible payment. A caress could be the best payment for what you just did for your Dominant.

All of D/s is an exchange, so this type of service is a base for all services to come out. It is also commonly the first form of service a submissive may engage in. It's the easiest to accept when you are new. You do something, and the Dominant repays somehow. As a submissive, you learn to take this service as natural and acceptable. I have known a couple of submissives who thrive more on transactional service than any other form. Others might think they are attention whores, but I see them as transactional submissives. They need that acknowledgment for every service they provide.