You have followed the whole series of Submissive Positions posts here at Submissive Guide. If not, start back at the beginning, I'll wait for you here.

Are you back? Ready to show them off?

Today's post is all about you! I want to see what you came up with for positions that worked best for you. Share your blog posts about the subject, pictures, and video! Show us your gracefull curtsy or perhaps pictures of your kneeling and standing positions. Have you served at a dinner party? Did you write about it? Let us know!

Even if you are just starting to learn them, take a few pictures and share them. You do not have to have your face in the photo if you want to remain anonymous. I'm fine with that. Just let me see what you've learned or what you can teach!

A picture is worth 1000 words, what are your pictures saying?

If you don't want to post in the comments, my email box is open. I'll add them to this post if you give me permission to. Just head on up to the Contact page link and let me know or send all mail to

Thank you for a wonderful series. I hope you had a wonderful time!