Welcome to another day of learning and enhancing submissive positions. Today we are going to cover food service etiquette. Some of this may be familiar to you. If this is the case, try to enhance it and make it more personal and unique to your relationship.

If you've ever been to a more formal restaurant with white table clothes and places already set before you sit down, you may have experienced a more organized service of food and drink. Today I have a collection of tips, tricks, and resources for serving a full meal to your Dominant with style and grace.

I know that there is a correct side to place food and then the opposite to remove dirty dishes, however, I don't know which it is, could someone fill me in? There is a proper way to hold the plate when serving and so forth I want to know those tips too! Please share them in the comments.

I'm still learning this form of service so I will use a lot of other resources to talk about this, but it is important even if you are serving just your Dominant and no one else. Here are some beginning resources for a more formal service.

There are also ways to have a D/s centered formal dinner. These are completely different no matter where you go, but they always hold some form of protocol, rules, and structure for the evening. Here is a link to the essay on The Iron Gate about a formal D/s dinner: Masters Banquet - A formal D/s Feast.

I'm always looking for more tips and resources, please share yours with me!