Your Training Resume is a folder or binder with all of your training, history, and experience in it so that you can give it to a prospective Dominant or keep a training history for yourself. It's a novel concept for submissives and one that I've not seen so far.

Part of the Resume is to record your training experience. For this, you have to take all experience that you have as training. If you have experience writing letters, for example, this would be a training item. It can be things you are educated to do or something you picked up as a hobby. Keep your mind open. Training is not always structured parts of your history. It is anything you can do that would provide a service to a Dominant.

You can organize your training according to the service type. Your domestic training can all be together, your sexual training in another section and your dungeon experience in yet another. Make it look nice. Type it up or write it out neatly.

For this post, I'm going to use a basic task that everyone should know; making coffee in an automatic drip coffee pot. You should be as detailed as possible. You can come up with as many subheadings as needed to explain your training. Remember this is for your history and to help Dominants know what you can do.


Make Coffee

Description of Training:

How to make a pot of coffee using an automatic drip coffee pot, from start to pouring the coffee.

Service Type:

Domestic Food Service

Number of Years:


Experience Level:


Protocol Level:


Supplies Used:

Ground Coffee, Coffee Measuring Spoon, Tap Water, Coffee Filter, Coffee Pot

Process Learned:

  1. Fill Coffee pot decanter with enough water for the cups requested.
  2. Pour water into the holding container.
  3. Place decanter onto the hot plate under filter spout.
  4. Open filter basket.
  5. Place new filter into the basket.
  6. Measure coffee grounds enough for water used.
  7. Close filter basket.
  8. Turn on the coffee pot.
  9. Wait for coffee to finish making.
  10. Fill cups and serve.

Special Care: Cleaning weekly with coffee cleaner

Was it fulfilling?

The service of making coffee is a basic task and I don't feel any extra fulfillment to the task other than reducing my Dominant's thirst.

What you need to remember with every activity that you put in your binder/folder is that you need to keep it updated as you get more experienced or develop a higher level