We are just over half way through the two weeks of submissive positions here on Submissive Guide. Here's a review of what we've covered so far:

Next up is talking about offering your collar.

Compared to the other positions we've covered this one should be a piece of cake.

  1. Kneel or stand in your selected way from the beginning of this project.
  2. Lift any hair you have up off your neck and use one hand to hold it.
  3. Lower your gaze to the floor.
  4. Place your other hand on your thigh.

For some submissives, this may happen only once in your relationship, but for others, it could happen as much as daily. It really depends on the dynamic you are involved in and the type of collar you wear. Why is this one included in this series? Because it can be enhanced, personalized and dramatized all you want! Enjoy creating special rituals for how to accept the collar. I want to hear what you come up with in the comments!