There are a lot of times that things are so obvious you think "surely no one has to be reminded." However, if you spend any amount of time around people (vanilla, lifestyle, strangers etc) you will certainly notice that "yes, sometimes someone needs to be reminded." Since I have submitted several articles here about table manners and deal breakers, I decided to offer another on what may be preventing you from meeting your O/one.

As always, these suggestions come from me, from my friends and from research online. Please note that they are not a method of finger pointing but rather a way to give everyone a little reminder.

So, here they are, the Top Ten Personal Hygiene Reminders...

  1. Brush your teeth, two to three times daily-maybe more if you are eating offensive foods. You can greatly reduce bad breath by investing in a tongue scraper or using your toothbrush to scrape your tongue. Don’t forget to floss-this will also help decrease the risk of bad breath.
  2. Enjoy mints/gum. These will help prevent bad breath-but nothing should take the place of good oral hygiene.
  3. Shower or bathe daily (at the very least). You may be used to your smell but others notice it. Pay special attention to your underarms, between your legs, and your feet. If your skin gets dry in the winter, an oatmeal bath can be soothing.
  4. Wash your hair on a regular basis; your hair can hold odors, especially if you are a smoker or are around a lot of smoke or work in an environment that has a lot of scent in it, ie fast food. If you have flakes, use a dandruff shampoo; dandruff will not go away by itself and it shows up easily on dark clothes.
  5. Wear deodorant/antiperspirant! I know someone who always tells me that she does not need it because she does not sweat. Wrong!!! People sweat and sweat usually stinks. It is a small investment to ensure that you are not offensive.
  6. Use perfume/cologne/body spray/aftershave in moderation. Be mindful that people have allergies/sensitivities. We have all been on the elevator with the guy who had on so much cheap aftershave that your eyes watered. You do not want to be “that guy.” Or “that girl.”
  7. Mind your nails. Fingernails should be neat and clean; filed; polished if you choose. Keep a nail brush near the sink or in the shower and use it daily. If you keep polished nails, maintain them. And, don’t forget your toenails; girls, nothing ruins the look of cute shoes like unsightly toenails.
  8. Wash and change your clothes-especially your underwear and socks! If you do not sweat heavily, you may be able to wash your shirts, skirts, jeans after every other wearing. Obviously, this would not apply to anyone who works in certain environments (hospital etc).
  9. Pay attention to your feet. Nothing kills a car ride, a night at home etc like someone kicking off their shoes when they have stinky feet. Invest in odor control spray/powder and treat both your feet AND your shoes (read labels, you may need separate products for this). Change your socks daily-twice daily if you need to. If you need to wash your feet when you remove your shoes, assuming facilities are available, do so. I promise, no one will mind.
  10. Don’t forget your “nether regions.” Have you ever noticed that products exist solely for the scent control of underarms, feet and groin? There is a reason for this. Change your underwear daily, at least. For between shower touch-ups, use a cleansing wipe designed for this area. I have a friend who uses “the sniff test.” Trust me; you do not want to fail this test.

Leave a comment and tell us what reminders you'd add to this list!