Not long after my first step into the real world of BDSM I learned of a phrase that to this day has no real definition that I can pin to it. That phrase is “speaking submissively.” To me, there is no way to speak submissively that isn’t also speaking respectfully and with deference. Many other people speak the same way in situations that call for it, like in front of a judge or to the pope for instance.

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But I still get questions about how a submissive is supposed to say x, y and z so I thought that I’d do my best to convey what I think would work in a variety of circumstances so that if the occasion arises that you need to “speak submissively” you’ll have something you can say.

I’m going to break the posts up so that each post is a different reason or occasion for the phrases. With that we’ll learn how to answer the door, the phone, greet a Dominant, get someone’s attention and so forth with respect and deference.

There is a series of essays on this very topic from the Dominant’s point of view written by Norische and I’m certain that I will refer to her essays during my writing. This is not an intention to copy her words but to expand and phrase them for the submissive.