Yesterday we made a master cleaning list and then decided on a plan of what chore lists you wanted to have for you own circumstances. Part of the deeper cleaning plans will include room by room cleaning. Each room you have things you do to bring it back to the cleanest level you prefer it. Room cleaning lists help out best if you choose to do your cleaning in one sweep on a single day, but also if you have time in your schedule and find a room lacking proper care.

If you are like me, and gosh I hope you all are not like me, you forget exactly everything you want to get done in each room. Having a list already made up that I can refer to is  a simple and effective method to keeping me on task. It also means when KnyghtMare tells me to clean the bedroom I know exactly what he requires of the cleanliness of the room. So I bring my tablet or phone into the room with me and bring up my room cleaning list on Evernote. That way I can just check things off the list as I get them done. It feels good!

With room by room cleaning lists, you don't have to do everything each time you are in the room for cleaning. The list is meant as a master cleaning list for that room for deep cleaning. Sure you could make two lists; one for general cleaning of the room and another for deeper cleaning but why work so hard! Just put the deeper, more intense cleaning items at the bottom of the list, so when you are checking things off, you know you are getting to the harder things the further down the list you get.

Download these Free Room to Room Cleaning Lists

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kallista put together some lovely room to room cleaning lists for you to use or alter to fit your home. Download the color set you like the best!

Room to Room Cleaning Lists Online

Use these to help you build your own!


Go through each room of your home and write down the cleaning tasks you need to complete to bring it to the level of clean you like for everyday as well as deeper cleaning. You can use the links above for ideas if you aren't sure what tasks to add for each room. Add your lists to your Home Management Journal for safe-keeping.