When you are learning a new cleaning routine, any and all helpful resources are the motivation that you may need. I'm going to talk about a great site and app that is available to give you that kick in the pants you need some days when those lovely cleaning lists just look like insanity contained in a check list. This app is Unfuck Your Habitat, abbreviated to UfYH in the app store of your choice (Unfilth Your Habitat on iOS).

"Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes." -- Unfuck Your Habitat

This person, this beautiful foul-mouthed creature, has created an entire site dedicated to tips and tricks and motivations for cleaning, or “unfucking.” She recognizes the inherent laziness of mankind, and gives advice on cleaning in stages, daily/ weekly/ monthly chores and offers up  challenges to keep you motivated.

The Before and After pictures shared by people on the Tumblr site are inspiring and interesting, people are proud of their little spaces and the progress to clean they have made. It's motivation in itself.

The point behind the site isn’t necessarily to inspire you to be super clean and rigid and totally on top of everything. The idea is just to do  somethin g. Something is better than nothing, and even if you only manage to pick up a few things during the day, that’s still an accomplishment! And accomplishments turn into more accomplishments.

UfYH advocates small, manageable cleaning at a time—starting with your  bed.

  • It’s a habit that’s relatively easy to form, and helps to make way to form other habits that are beneficial. If you spend 30 seconds making your bed every morning, 20 minutes doing housework in the evening isn’t such a difficult thing to conquer.
  • A messy bed tends to give a room an overall sense of chaos, whereas a made bed can make even a messy room seem more put together.
  • Why wash your dishes? You’re just going to use them again, right? Why throw your trash away? Aren’t you just going to make more trash later? Well, by resetting one thing to a point of being clean or even just slightly neater-looking, you’re that much further ahead in the unfucking game.
  • It’s a small but tangible form of control over one’s environment. So many people let their homes get and stay in states of disarray, messiness, and chaos because it seems like the mess has more power than we do. If you can’t do everything, you can’t do anything, right? Wrong. You can make your bed.

It's definitely a unique app that's meant for adults who don't mind a ton of profanity, but if you're looking for a more humorous, goofy, and over-the-top motivator to clean up your house, Unfuck Your Habitat is worth a look.